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Rogues Gallery

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Rogues Gallery

of Homosexual Rights Activists

What else would you call a pioneer of the homophile movement but a “rogue”?

In the days when many of these people entered in to activism, sodomy was illegal in every state, and to be branded a “homosexual” was to become as great a threat to national security as a Communist. To be a known homosexual was to be a pariah; to defend one legally, publicly, or scientifically could mark the end of a career.

These are some of the men and women who changed the course of history by launching a movement in defense of homosexual rights circa 1950. Many called themselves “homophiles”; others preferred “homosexuals” or “Mattachinos.” Some loathed all labels. Very few — Jim Kepner and Harry Hay being notable exceptions — anticipated or survived the post-Stonewall transition into LGBT activism.

Nevertheless, the contributions of these pioneering heroes and their more rebellious progeny laid the foundation for the many institutions built and victories won since the second-wave of the movement, for Gay and Lesbian Liberation, was established in the wake of that famous 1969 rebellion at Stonewall. These pages will to help to contextualize and situate their place history.

Type Person Source or Author Born Deceased
Profile Bernard, Paul Hughes, David 1916.04.24 1954.11.07
Profile Bullough, Vern L. White, C. Todd 1928.07.24 2006.06.21
Interview Bullough, Vern L. White, C. Todd 1928.07.24 2006.06.21
Interview Eyde, Edythe (“Lisa Ben“) Cain, Paul D. 1921.11.07
Profile Fleischman, Florine White, C. Todd
Profile Glover, Billy White, C. Todd 1932.09.16
Interview Hansen, Joseph White, C. Todd 1923.07.19 2004.11.24
Profile Hansen, Joseph Hansen, Joseph 1923.07.19 2004.11.24
Profile Hay, Harry Thompson, Mark 1912.04.07 2002.10.24
Interview Hay, Harry Thompson, Mark 1912.04.07 2002.10.24
Profile Hull, Bob Hughes, David 1918.05.31 1962.05.01
Profile Jennings, William Dale Warner Brothers Studios 1917.10.21 2000.05.31
Profile Jennings, William Dale White, C. Todd 1917.10.21 2000.05.31
Profile/Obituary Kepner, James Potvin, Ernie 1923.01.19 (?) 1997.11.15
Profile Kepner, Jim Murray, Stephen O. 1923.01.19 (?) 1997.11.15
Interview Khan, Baddrudin Murray, Stephen O.
Profile Kight, Morris Cherry, Mary Ann
Obituary Lee, John Alan Murray, Stephen O. 1933.08.24 2013.12.05
Interview Legg, W. Dorr Cain, Paul D. 1904.12.15 1994.07.26
Profile Maxey, Wallace de Ortega Hughes, David 1902.02.22 1992.03.12
Profile Rowland, Chuck Hughes, David 1917.08.24 1990.12.27
Interview Schalchlin, Steve White, C. todd 1953.10.04
Profile Schneider, James Vernon White, C. Todd 1932.04.04 2013.11.11
Interview Selwyn, Herb White, C. Todd 1925.04.25 2016.02.03
Profile Shafer, Drew Ray, Mickey 1989.09.30
Profile Slater, Don White, C. Todd 1923.08.21 1997.02.14
Obituaries Slater, Don White, C. Todd 1923.08.21 1997.02.14
Profile Wicker, Randy Wicker, Randy 1938.02.03

Slater1This section of Tangents online is dedicated to one of the greatest Rogues of all, Don Slater, Founder of ONE, ISHR, and HIC; Editor of ONE and Tangents magazines; and Founder of the ONE Library (now the Blanche M. Baker Memorial Library), the oldest ongoing organizational archives in the U.S. dedicated to homosexual issues.