Tuesday, January 16th, 2018


Directors of the HIC

As of July 1, 2016

Board of Directors

Director Office Email Address
C. Todd White Chair chair@tangentgroup.org
Billy Glover Vice Chair vicechair@tangentgroup.org
Stephen Allison Secretary/Treasurer stephen@tangentgroup.org
John Richards Board Member john@tangentgroup.org
Ronald Tate Board Member ron@tangentgroup.org

Founding Members

Director Office Link
Billy Glover Vice Chair, Founder Profile
Jim Schneider Founder Profile
Joseph Hansen Founder Profile
Tony Reyes Founder

Volunteers, Assistants, and Advisors

Advisor Office Email Address
Andrew Madigan IT Advisor webmaster@tangentgroup.org
David Hughes Volunteer Web Assistant david@tangentgroup.org
Ellen Jarosz Curator of Special Collections, Oviatt Library ellen.jarosz@csun.edu
Erik Nieto Director of Student Affairs erik@tangentgroup.org
Jack Clark Volunteer Office Assistant jack@tangentgroup.org
John Richards Database Manager john@tangentgroup.org
Layla Arnold, MLS Director of Library Services layla@tangentgroup.org
Ronald Tate Membership Manager ron@tangentgroup.org
Stephen Allison IT Director and Site Designer stephen@tangentgroup.org