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Don Slater, reading in the Tangent Group office circa 1966Index of Historical Material

HIC founder Don Slater began collecting materials pertaining to the history of homosexual rights in the United States when he helped to launch ONE magazine in the fall of 1952, making his collection the oldest formally established homophile archives in the United States.

Slater continued to collect and organize these items through in his role as Editor of ONE and Tangents magazines until his death on February 14, 1997, when the collection’s care fell to Jim Schneider, Joseph Hansen, Billy Glover, and the other Directors of the HIC.

Where noted, these materials are curated in the HIC Collection, a subset of the Vern and Bonnie Bullough Collection on Sex and Gender curated as a Special Collection at Oviatt Library of the California State University, Northridge, where they are available for public perusal.

Don Slater, reading in the Tangent Group office on Cahuenga Blvd., circa 1966

HIC Publications

Tangents—News and Letters

Date Type Source
1965.06 News ONE, June 1965 (HIC version)
1965.10 Letters Tangents 1.1
1965.10 News Tangents 1.1
1965.11 Letters Tangents 1:2
1965.11 News Tangents 1:2
1965.12 Letters Tangents 1.3
1965.12 News Tangents 1.3
1966.01 Letters Tangents 1:4
1966.01 News Tangents 1:4
1966.02 News Tangents 1.5
1966.02 Letters Tangents 1.5
1966.03 News Tangents 1.6
1966.03 Letters Tangents 1.6
1966.04 News Tangents 1.7
1966.04 Letters Tangents 1.7
1966.05 News Tangents 1.8
1966.05 Letters Tangents 1.8
1966.06 News Tangents 1.9

Essays—History, Journalism, and Travel

Date Type Title Author Source
2016.08.28 History Vile Vault: The FBI Gets its Man (or Woman) Hughes, David Tangents Online
2012.03.28 History Memories of the Founding of Gay/Lesbian Organizations within the American Sociological Association and the American Anthropological Association: SGC and ARGOH Murray, Stephen O. HIC Archives
2008.06.28 Event Andrew Sean Greer reads from The Story of a Marriage, SF Public Library Murray, Stephen O. Tangents Online
2001.02.03 History Notes on the Launch of ONE Magazine Frisbie, Fred HIC Archives
1999.11.17 Event A memorable afternoon with Gore Vidal Murray, Stephen O. Tangents Online
1997.11.01 Event A discussion of Edward Sagarin with Donald Beckerman Murray, Stephen O. epinions
1988.01.01 History Gay Los Angeles: The Early Days Kepner, Jim HIC Archives
1988.01.01 History Women of ONE, The (1954–1960) Kepner, Jim HIC Archives
1966.05.03 Event Protest on Wheels Slater, Don Tangents 1.8
1966.04.06 Travel Four Trips to Cherry Grove, pt. 3 MacAlbert, Leo Tangents 1.7
1966.03.07 Event Together—Toward a Common Goal (The National Planning Conference of Homosexual Organizations) Grier, Barbara Tangents 1.6
1966.03.06 Travel Four Trips to Cherry Grove, pt. 2 MacAlbert, Leo Tangents 1.6
1966.02.03 Travel Four Trips to Cherry Grove, pt. 1 MacAlbert, Leo Tangents 1.5
1965.11.05 Event Highlights from the ECHO Conference Speeches I. MacA. Tangents 1.2
1965.11.04 Event East Coast Homophile Organizations Discuss the Great Society Shotwell, Jody Tangents 1.2
1965.11.03 History Nonconformism in La Belle Epoque, pt. 5 Daniel, Mark (trans. by Marcel Martin) Tangents 1.2
1965.10.10 History Nonconformism in La Belle Epoque, pt. 4 Daniel, Mark (trans. by Marcel Martin) Tangents 1.1


Date Title Source
1958.10 Home of Bill Lambert ONE Magazine, Oct. 1958
1970 Tangents Office on Cahuenga Blvd. HIC Archives
1990.11.27 Young Dale Jennings, dancing HIC Archives


Date Title Source
Symposium on Outing HIC Archives

Historic Documents

Corporate Papers

Date Type Title Organization
1952.10.15 Founding Document By-laws of ONE, Incorporated ONE, Inc.
1953.02.07 Minutes Meeting Records ONE, Inc.
1953.02.07 Founding Document Articles of Incorporation ONE, Inc.
1953.03.21 Minutes Meeting Records ONE, Inc.
1953.06.07 Minutes Meeting Records ONE, Inc.
1953.11.01 Minutes Meeting Records (first official meeting of the new corporation) ONE, Inc.
1953.11.13 Address Dale Jennings: Address to Mattachine Society Banquet Mattachine Society
1955.02.22 Resignation Jim Kepner: first resignation ONE, Inc.
1959.01.30 Report Jim Kepner: ONE Institute Quarterly Report ONE, Inc.
1959.01.30 Report Don Slater: Editorial Report ONE, Inc.
1960.11.01 Resignation Jim Kepner: reasons for leaving ONE, Inc.
1960.11.15 Resignation Jim Kepner: second resignation ONE, Inc.
1961.07.23 Resignation Stella Rush: letter of resignation ONE, Inc.
1962.01.26 Address George Mortenson: Address to the Assembly for the 10th Annual Business Meeting of ONE, Inc. ONE, Inc.
1962.08.16 Report Proposed Blanche M. Baker Foundation: Organizational Meeting Records Blanche M. Baker Foundation
1962.12.02 Resignation Morgan Farley: letter of resignation ONE, Inc.


Date By To Title
1952.10.06 Hay, Harry Clark, Jay Our long awaited trial...
1990.12.03 Slater, Don Glover, Billy The Trouble with Harry Hay...
1991.08.04 Slater, Don Jennings, Dale A new information age...
2000.05.12 Schneider, Jim ONE Institute & Archives Reporting the death of Dale Jennings

Press Releases

Date Type Title Author/Organization
1966.03.18 Statement Statement of the Committee to Fight Exclusion of Homosexuals from the Armed Forces Committee to Fight Exclusion of Homosexuals from the Armed Forces
1969.10.16 Press Release Los Angeles Homophile Community Organizes Boycott of the Los Angeles Times HIC
1970.02.02 Press Release Fagots for Staying Out of Barney’s, Forever HIC
1974.05.30 Flyer First Griffith Park Gay-In Los Angeles "Gay-In" Committee
1977.00.00 Press Release William Dale Jennings Warner Brothers Studios
1997.11.17 Press Release Jim Kepner dead at 74 Ernie Potvin

Legal Documents

Date Title Court Type
1956 ONE v Oleson: Appellant's Opening Brief 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Opening Brief
1956 ONE v Oleson: Appellant's Opening Brief 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Opening Brief (Appendices)
1966.11.01 Don Odorizzi v. Bloomfield School District California Case (appeal)


Title Era
History of ONE, Incorporated 1952–1969

As we processes our extensive collection, select pieces will be posted here for the public to view and read online. In time, we hope to digitally process the entire collection of HIC materials. Until then, your help by making a donation to the HIC will help us to protect and disseminate this information. Your generous contribution will help us to get more of our historic materials online.