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Some thoughts on the the National Equality March

Billy GloverOctober 15, 2009.

I should say that I thought the The National Equality March was good, the marchers being the best part.

Most speakers were good — Julian Bond of course, Cleve Jones, but a few were repetitious and the political ones were out of place (socialists have done nothing for our community/movement) and the most embarrassing moment was that woman — who chose her? — who couldn’t remember the words to the song she was “leading” (“America the Beautiful”).

I also am constantly amazed that idiots can keep harping on Barak Obama, the first president to try to speak to us, and where were these “experts” on homosexuality all the previous presidential terms. I acknowledge the Clintons, but even they did not go as far as Obama has — perhaps for their time they couldn’t. But I have the right to make the obvious point that our community/movement has made constant progress since 1950, under all presidents. And many court decisions have been made by Republican appointed judges.

We may need reminding that few homosexuals even know their history, and Obama made references that many have never heard — such as the PFLAG history, and even “leaders” may think they know it all but forget that most people don’t. Few have read a book and most know only what they’ve seen on TV shows. And even our LGBT media has ignored books on hour history, such as C. Todd White’s book, Pre-Gay L. A., the last of the three books to cover the first three organizations (ONE/HIC), the others covering Mattachine (Behind the Mask of the Mattachine) and Daughters of Bilitis (Different Daughters), and when will the media book publications get around to us, such as The New York Times Book Review, The New York Review of Books, and even Lambda Literary Book Report?


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