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Democrats and Obama should be thankful they lost in 2000 and 2004

Billy GloverDecember 28, 2008.

What would right-wing politicians and religious people have said and done if either Al Gore or Sen. Kerry had been running the show for the last 8 years?

Karl Rove would have been a piker compared to the vicious attacks and accusations made against Democrats, and probably the result would be that no Democrat could get elected for at least 50 years.

So the question is, how many “real” Republicans are aware of why Democrats are saying that “W” has done a bad job? The present administration has turned the ideas of what is “conservative” and “liberal” completely upside down.

And the arrogant “religious” people who have attacked Democrats for being “liberal” on sex are queerly silent when their vice presidential candidate has a daughter who is pregnant outside of marriage. It seems that is okay since she (Palin) did not abort a child that would be handicapped. Would they be that lenient with Democrats trying to use such “justification” and thinking? Not to go into the fact, as I understand it, that everyone one of the Palin children is a high school dropout. How can any objective person not see that family, a “conservative” family and compare it to a “liberal” family like the Obama family and see the hypocrisy?

So it could be that Obama, with all of his qualifications, might not have won if Gore and Kerry had not lost. As the saying goes, “The Lord works in mysterious ways.”


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  1. Dale in FL

    …you failed to point out the important part of the story of Palin’s daughter: Not only is she pregnant out of wedlock but she was a MINOR when she became pregnant, thereby being the victim of statutory rape by an adult (her then-19 year old sex partner). 😉 Also please note that since the girl he impregnated was the the governor’s daughter, and it was during a political campaign, he did not go to jail!

  2. Billy Glover

    Very good points, but if I “pushed it” the right-wingers would accuse me of piling on Palin. But as we know, they sure did Bill Clinton.And what has happened about “Troopergate?” And of course she was for the bridge to nowhere until she was against it, and she kept the money, and Alaska is in a sense on “welfare’ from taxpayers from the other 49 states.

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