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Literature Index

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HIC Publications

TitleAuthor or EditorPublication TypeYear Published
A Few Doors West of Hope: The Life and Times of Dauntless Don SlaterHansen, JosephBook
Don Slater: A Gay Rights Pioneer Remembered by His FriendsHansen, JosephBooklet
TangentsHIC PublicationsPeriodical1965–
Tangents OnlineHIC PublicationsWeb site (hello!)

Editorials by Don Slater

DateTitle or TopicSource
1965.10Needless DeceptionsTangents 1.1
1965.11Police MalpracticeTangents 1.2
1965.12Homosexuals in the MilitaryTangents 1.3
1966.011965: An Important YearTangents 1.4
1966.02”Our Son Was Different…”Tangents 1.5
1966.03Psychoanalytic NonsenseTangents 1.6
1966.04Government CensorshipTangents 1.7
1966.05Self IncriminationTangents 1.8
1966.07The Dirty Implications of CLEANTangents 1.10
1966.08Government is Not the Custodian of MoralityTangents 1.11

Essays—Persuasive, Critical, and Review

Date PublishedTypeTitle AuthorSource
EssayIs There a Need for Tangents?Ingersoll, RossTangents 1.3
1966.01.03EssayHomosexual on the Job, TheIngersoll, RossTangents 1.4
1966.02.09EssayHomosexual Joke, TheHansen, JosephTangents 1.5
1966.03.03EssayHomosexual Themes in Cinema pt. 1Atwell, LeeTangents 1.6
1966.04.03EssayHomosexual Themes in Cinema pt. 2Atwell, LeeTangents 1.7
1966.06.02EssayThe Lesbian Paperback part 1Grier, Barbara (as Gene Damon)Tangents 1.9
1966.07.02EssayPublic Pressure and JusticeMohler, DaneTangents 1.10
1966.07.08EssayThe Lesbian Paperback part 2Grier, Barbara (as Gene Damon)Tangents 1.10
1987.01.01EssaySeparate People Whose Time has Come, AHay, HarryGay Spirit: Myth and Meaning
1993.10.20EssayBlack and Gay Identities in the Fiction of Steven CorbinMurray, Stephen O.epinions
2000.09.12EssayWallace Thurman: Gay Impresario of the Harlem RenaissanceMurray, Stephen O.epinions
2001.01.10EssayMy favorites among 20th-century gay films not made in the USAMurray, Stephen O.epinons
2001.06.29EssayBest 20th Century Documentaries about Gays and Lesbian, TheMurray, Stephen O.epinions
2001.06.30EssayMy Ten Favorite 20th-Century Feature Films in English About Gay MenMurray, Stephen O.epinions
2002.03.22EssayDid Jesus say something about homosexuality après la lettre?Murray, Stephen O.epinions
2002.03.26EssaySt. Paul and men “leaving the natural use” of womenMurray, Stephen O.epinions
2002.05.23EssayWritings by Reinaldo ArenasMurray, Stephen O.epinions
2009.02.26EssayRichard Bruce Nugent: Flamboyantly Gay Rebel of the Harlem RenaissanceMurray, Stephen O.epinions
2011.02.28EssayClaude McKay: Gay Sojourner of the Harlem RenaissanceMurray, Stephen O.epinions
2012.03.21ReviewMaybe only one hit, but Mart Crowley wrote more plays after “The Boys in the Band”Murray, Stephen O.epinions

Reader at Large
by Barbara Grier (as Gene Damon)

Reader at Large 01Tangents 1.1 • Oct 1965
Reader at Large 02Tangents 1.2 • Nov 1965
Reader at Large 03Tangents 1.3 • Dec 1965
Reader at Large 04Tangents 1.4 • Jan 1966
Reader at Large 05Tangents 1.5 • Feb 1966
Reader at Large 06Tangents 1.6 • Mar 1966
Reader at Large 07Tangents 1.7 • Apr 1966
Reader At Large 08Tangents 1.8 • May 1966
Reader at Large 09: The Lesbian Paperback part 1Tangents 1.9 • Jun 1966
Reader at Large 10: The Lesbian Paperback part 2Tangents 1.10 • Jul 1966
Reader At Large 11Tangents 1.11 • Aug 1966


Search category: “Book Review
TypeTitleAuthor or EditorReviewer
ReviewAdrift in a Vanishing CityCzyz, VinceWhite, C. Todd
ReviewAIDS Activist: Michael Lynch and the Politics of CommunitySilversides, AnnMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewAIDS and Accusations: Haiti and the Geography of BlameFarmer, PaulMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewAll I Could BareSeymour, CraigMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewAllan SteinStadler, MatthewMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewAmerican StudiesMerlis, MarkMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewAnd Then I Danced: Traveling the Road to LGBT EqualitySegal, MarkWhite, C. Todd
ReviewAngel of History, TheAlameddine, RabihMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewArkansasLeavitt, DavidMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewArt and Sex in Greenwich VillagePicano, FeliceMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewArtificeWoolfson, AlexClark, Jack
ReviewArturo Islas: The Uncollected WorksIslas, Arturo and Frederick Luis AldamaMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewAsbestos DiaryDukahz, CasimirTaylor, Gary
ReviewAssuming the PositionWhitaker, RickMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewAttack of the Man-Eating Lotus BlossomsChin, JustinMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewAubadeMartin, KennethMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBeauty of Men, TheHolleran, AndrewMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBefore Stonewall: Activists for Gay and Lesbian Rights in Historic ContextBullough, Vern L.Glover, Billy
ReviewBehind the Mask of the MattachineSears, JamesGlover, Billy
ReviewBlack DeutschlandPinckney, DarrylMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBlackmail, My LoveGilmartin, KatieWhite, C. Todd
ReviewBlackwater Lightship, TheTóibín, ColmMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBoss CupidGunn, ThomMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBoulevardGrimsley, JimMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBoy Culture / Blind ItemsRettenmund, MatthewMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBoy with the Thorn in His Side, TheFleming, KeithMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBoys in the Band, TheCrawley, MartMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBoys on the Rock, TheFox, JohnMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBreaking Down the Walls of Heartache: How Music Came OutAston, MartinHughes, David
ReviewBrothers Bishop, TheYates, BartMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBurden of AshesChin, JustinMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewButterfly BoyGonzález, RigobertoMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewChristianity and Homosexuality: Some Seventh-Day Adventist PerspectivesFerguson, David et al.Glover, Billy
ReviewChristianity, Social Tolerance, and HomosexualityBoswell, JohnMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewCicatrixWilson, Edward C.Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewCity BoyWhite, EdmundMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewCity of Your Final Destination, TheCameron, PeterMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewCity Poet: The Life and Times of Frank O’HaraGooch, BradMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewClothesline Swing, TheRamadan, Ahmad DannyMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewColin McPhee:
Composer in Two Worlds
Oja, Carol J.Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewColonies of the HeartSeabrook, JeremyMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewColor of Trees, TheParker, CanaanMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewComing of the Night, TheRechy, JohnMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewComing Out in JapanIto, Satoru and Ryuta YanaseMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewComing Out Twice: Then and NowProffitt, EdwardMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewsCrooked Letter i: Coming Out in the SouthGriffin, Connie (ed.)Fredericksen, Brooke
ReviewDangerous DesiresWells, PeterMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewDavid Inside OutBantle, LeeMurray, Stephen
ReReviewviewDays of Anna Madrigal, TheMaupin, ArmisteadMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewDensity of Souls, ARice, ChristopherMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewDetective, TheThorpe, Roderick“G.D.”
ReviewDisappearance Boy, TheBartlett, NeilWhite, C. Todd
ReviewDissolution of Nicholas Dee, TheStadler, MatthewMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewDreadful: The Short Life and Gay Times of John Horne BurnsMargolick, DavidMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewDream Life, TheHuston, BoMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewDrop Dead: The DJ MurdersSerah, TonneMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewEdinburghChee, AlexanderMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewEdith Wharton Murders, TheRaphael, LevMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewEjaculations from the Charm FactoryGilbert, SkyMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewElastic Closet, The: A History of Homosexuality in FranceGunther, ScottMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewEminent OutlawsBram, ChristopherMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewEnd of Eddy, TheLouis, ÉdouardMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewEnigma VariationsAciman, AndréMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewEntrapmentMcCoy, Roy“R. H.”
ReviewErotic MinoritiesUllerstam, LarsBullough, Vern L.
ReviewEvening Crowd at Kirmser’sBrown, Ricardo J.Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewFabulous HellCurtis, CraigMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewFamous 41, TheIrwin, Robert McKee et. alMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewFarewell Symphony, TheWhite, EdmundMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewFimí sílẹ̀ Forever: Heaven Gave It To MeIkpo, NnannaMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewFit To ServeHormel, JamesMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewFlorence, A Delicate CaseLeavitt, DavidMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewFolding Star, TheHollinghurst, AlanMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewFor the Pleasure of His CompanyStoddard, Charles WarrenMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewForging Gay IdentitiesArmstrong, ElizabethMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewFranz Kafka: Poet of Shame and GuiltFriedländer, SaulMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewGay and Lesbian Asia: Culture, Identity, CommunityJackson, Peter and Gerard SullivanMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewGay Bar: The Fabulous, True Story of a Daring Woman and Her Boys in the 1950sFellows, Will and Helen P. BransonMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewGay Geniuses, TheKayy, W. H.Hansen, Joseph
ReviewGay L.A.: A History of Sexual Outlaws, Power Politics, and Lipstick LesbiansFaderman, Lillian and Stuart TimmonsGlover, Billy
CommentaryGay L.A.: A History of Sexual Outlaws, Power Politics, and Lipstick LesbiansFaderman, Lillian and Stuart TimmonsDynes, Wayne
ReviewGay New York: Gender, Urban Culture, and the Making of the Gay Male World, 1890–1940Chauncey, GeorgeGlover, Billy
ReviewGay Press, Gay Power: The Growth of LGBT Community Papers in AmericaBaim, TracyGlover, Billy
ReviewGay Revolution, TheFaderman, LillianGlover, Billy
ReviewGay Voices of the Harlem RenaissanceSchwarz, A.B. ChristaMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewGeography of Perversion: Male-To-Male Sexual Behavior Outside the West and the Ethnographic Imagination, 1750–1918Bleys, Rudi C.Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewGlove PuppetDrinnan, NealMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewGriefHolleran, AndrewMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewGuess AgainCooper, BernardMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewHarlem Renaissance, TheWatson, StevenMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewHead of a Sad Angel: Stories 1953–1966Chester, AlfredMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewHeaven of Words, A: Last Journals, 1956–1984Wescott, GlenwayMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewHellenism & Homosexuality in Victorian OxfordDowling, LindaKepner, Jim
ReviewHelmet of FleshSymons, ScottMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewHeterosexual Africa?: The History of an Idea from the Age of Exploration to the Age of AIDSEpprect, MarcMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewHome Before DarkCheever, SusanMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewHomophile Studies in Theory and PracticeLegg, W. DorrWhite, C. Todd
ReviewHomosexuality and the Law: A DictionaryStewart, ChuckGlover, Billy
ReviewHornitoAlbo, MikeMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewHours, TheCunningham, MichaelMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewHow I Learned to SnapRead, KirkMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewHungry Ghosts, TheSelvadurai, ShyamMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewI Can Give You Anything But LoveIndiana, GaryMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewI Look DivineCoe, ChristopherMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewI’m Supposed to be CrazyGrube, JohnMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewIn Defense of Homosexuality: A Rational Evaluation of Social PrejudiceBenson, R. O. D.Kepner, Jim
ReviewInside A PearlWhite, EdmundMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewInteresting MonstersAlvarez, AldoMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewInvisible LifeHarris, E. LynnMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewIvan and Misha: StoriesAlenyikov, MichaelMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewJack Holmes & His FriendWhite, EdmundMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewJack of HeartsHansen, JosephMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewJailbait and other storiesGooch, BradMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewJDMerlis, MarkMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewJuvenile Homosexual Experience and its Effect on Adult Sexuality, TheOllendorff, Robertbritton, p.e.
ReviewLa Mollie and the King of TearsIslas, ArturoMurray, Stephen
ReviewLandscape: MemoryStadler, MatthewMurray, Stephen O.
ReadingLaw of Enclosures, ThePeck, DaleMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewLay Your Sleeping HeadNava, MichaelMurray, Stephen O.
CommentaryLeading the ParadeCain, Paul D.Glover, Billy
ReviewLeave Myself BehindYates, BartMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewLesbian MothersLewin, EllenKandris, Daniel
ReviewLessGreer, Andrew SeanMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewLet’s Shut Out the WorldBentley, KevinMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewLetters to Montgomery CliftAlumit, NoëlMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewLife DrawingGrumley, MichaelMurray, Stephen O.
CommentaryLincoln Steffens: A BiographyKaplan, JustinGlover, Billy
ReviewLittle Rogue in our Flesh, TheNavarre, Yves Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewLiving UpstairsHansen, JosephMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewLogical Family: A MemoirMaupin, ArmisteadMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewLoss Within Loss: Artists in the Age of AIDSWhite, EdmundMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewMale Homosexuality in Modern JapanMcLellend, MarkMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewMan Who Loved Birds, TheJohnson, FentonMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewMapping the Territory: Selected NonfictionBram, ChristopherMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewMarble Quilt, TheLeavitt, DavidMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewMarcel ProustEdmund WhiteMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewMarried Man, TheWhite, EdmundMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewMartin and JohnPeck, DaleMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewMary Ann in AutumnMaupin, ArmisteadMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewMichael Tolliver LivesMaupin, ArmisteadMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewMitkoGreenwell, GarthMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewMrs. Stevens Hears The Mermaids SingingSarton, MayGrier, Barbara
ReviewMy Black BookAdams, Nichaolas CharlesMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewMy Cat Yugoslavia Statovsi, PatímMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewMy Queer WarLord, JamesMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewMy Worst DateLeddick, DavidMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewMysterious SkinHeim, ScottMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewNativeHenderson, William HaywoodMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewNative Informant: Six Tales of Defiance from the Arab WorldSalti, Ramzi M.Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewNight LettersDessaix, RobertMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewNight Listener, TheMaupin, ArmisteadMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewNight of the Iguana, TheWilliams, TennesseeMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewNotes of a CrocodileMiaojin, QiuMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewNotes of a Desolate ManT’ien-Wen, ChuMurray, Stephen O.
Reading/ReviewNotorious Dr. August, TheBram, ChristopherMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewNow and ThenCorlett, WilliamMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewOccasional Man, TheBarr, James“G. D.”
ReviewOh What a Paradise it SeemedCheever, JohnMurray, Stephen
ReviewOn The Move: A LifeSacks, OliverMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewOn TyrranyStrauss, LeoMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewOpenly BobSmith, BobMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewOriginal Story ByLaurents, ArthurGlover, Billy
ReviewOrton Diaries, TheOrton, JoeMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewOther Side of Silence: Men’s Lives & Gay IdentitiesLoughery, JohnGlover, Billy
ReviewOut in the Periphery: Latin America’s Gay Rights RevolutionEncaranción, Omar G.Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewOutlaw: The Lives and Careers of John RechyCasillo, CharlesMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewPage Turner, TheLeavitt, DavidMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewPatience and SarahMiller, IsabelMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewPhoenix Eyes and Other StoriesLeong, Russell CharlesMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewPlays: Forty Deuce • BeirutBowne, AlanMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewPleasures of Time, TheRiggins, StephenMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewPost-Colonial Queer: Theoretical IntersectionsHawley, John C.Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewPractical Heart, TheGurganus, AllanMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewPre-Gay L.A.: A Social History of the Movement for Homosexual RightsWhite, C. ToddPercy, William
ReviewPre-Gay L.A.: A Social History of the Movement for Homosexual RightsWhite, C. ToddGlover, Billy
ReviewPrince’s Boy, TheBailey, PaulWhite, C. Todd
ReviewPussy’s BowDrinnan, NealMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewQuatrefoilBarr, JamesMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewQueer CompulsionsSueyoshi, AmyMurray Stephen O.
ReviewQueer History of the United States, ABronski, MichaelGlover, Billy
ReviewQueer Kind of Death, ABaxt, GeorgeMitchell, Bob
ReviewQueer PeoplePlummer, Douglas“J. C.”
ReviewQuillDrinnan, NealMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewRag and BoneNava, MichaelMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewRare Bird of TruthDrinnan, NealMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewRavelsteinBellow, SaulMurray, Stephen
ReviewRemembrance of Things I ForgotSmith, BobMurray, Stephen O.
ReadingResentment: A ComedyIndiana, GaryMurray, Stephen
ReviewRight Side of History, TheBrooks, AdrianGlover, Billy
ReviewRobert Duncan in San FranciscoRumaker, MichaelMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewSearching for the KeyRamos, RicardoMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewSecond SonFerro, RobertMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewSelfish and PerverseSmith, BobMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewSex Offender, The (a novel)Stadler, MatthewMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewSex Terror: Erotic Misadventures in Pop CultureSimpson, MarkGlover, Billy
ReviewSexual Behavior and the LawKling, Samuel G.Bullough, Vern L.
ReviewSexual Outsiders: Understanding BDSM Sexualities and CommunitiesOrtmann, David M. and Richard A. SprottWhite, C. Todd
ReviewShakespeare on Love and FriendshipBloom, AllanMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewSibyl’s Mistake, TheWilson, Edward C.Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewSkinned Alive: StoriesWhite, EdmuncMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewSky DaddyParker, CanaanMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewSmall g: A Summer IdyllHighsmith, PatriciaMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewSome Remarkable Men: Further MemoirsLord, JamesMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewSomeday This Pain Will Be Useful to YouCameron, PeterMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewSomerset and All the MaughamsMaugham, Robin“G.D.”
ReviewSparsholt Affair, TheHollinghurst, AlanMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewSpeak No EvilIweala, UzodinmaMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewStand By Me: The Forgotten History of Gay LiberationDowns, JimDynes, Wayne
ReviewStory of a Marriage, TheGreer, Andrew SeanMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewStory of the Night, TheTóibín, ColmMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewStrange MarriageHansen, JosephGrier, Barbara
ReviewSugar StreetMahfouz, NaguibMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewSwimming in the Monsoon SeaSelvadurai, ShyamMurray, Stephen O.
Review (1)Swimming-Pool Library, TheHollinghurst, AlanMurray, Stephen O.
Review (2)Swimming-Pool Library, TheHollinghurst, AlanMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewTalking to the MoonAlumit, Noël Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewTea and SympathyAnderson, RobertMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewTennessee Williams: Plays 1957–1980Williams, TennesseeMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewThat Cold Day in the ParkMiles, RichardHansen, Joe
ReviewThere Goes the Gayborhood?Ghaziani, AminWhite, C. Todd
ReviewThis Unknown Flesh: A Selection of PlaysGilbert, SkyMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewTo the Friend Who Did Not Save My LifeGuibert, HerveMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewTomcat Chronicles, TheNichols, JackMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewTortured Sex, TheYankowski, John S. and Hermann K. Wolff“J. H.”
ReviewTotempoleFriedman, SanfordMartin, Marcel
ReviewTreehab: Tales from my Natural, Wild LifeSmith, BobMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewTrioBaker, DorothyMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewTrue ReligionWeinberg, J. L.White, C. Todd
ReviewTwo Gentlemen SharingCorlett, WilliamMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewTwo Hotel Francforts, TheLeavitt, DavidMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewTwo PeopleWindham, DonaldMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewUnlimited IntimacyDean, TimMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewVisions and Revisions: Coming of Age in the Age of AIDSPeck, DaleMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewVisit to Priapus, AScott, GlenwayMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewWay to Go, Smith!Smith, BobMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewWeekend, TheCameron, PeterMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewWhat Drowns the Flowers in Your MouthGonzález, RigobertoMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewWhat HappenedMiller, MerleMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewWhat the Night Tells the DayBianciotti, HéctorMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewWhen We RiseJones, CleveMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewWide Open TownBoyd, Nan AlamillaMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewWild Animals I Have KnownBentley, KevinMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewWild Strawberry PatchRamp, James“M. E.”
ReviewWingsKuzmin, MikhailMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewWoodland Tombs of Eliantar, TheGaugler, GarySagmiller, James J.
ReviewWrite Way Home, TheBejel, EmilioMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewYuan Mei: Eighteenth Century PoetWaley, ArthurMurray, Stephen O.


Search category: “Film Review
ReviewAdventures of Felix (Drôle de Felix)Ducastel, Olivier and Jacques MartineauDucastel, Olivier and Jacques MartineauMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewAkronO’Donnell, BrianO’Donnell, Brian and Sasha KingMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewAntonio’s Secret (Ang Lihim ni Antonio)Bonife, LexBonife, Lex and Joselito AltarejosMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBad EducationAlmodóvar, PedroAlmodóvar, PedroMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBasquiatSchnabel, JulianSchnabel, JulianMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBeach RatsHittman, ElizaHittman, ElizaMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBear Cub (Cachorro)Albaladejo, MiguelAlbaladejo, Miguel and Salvador García RuizMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBearCityLangway, DougLangway, Doug and Lawrence FerberMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBeau TravailDenis, ClairDenis, Clair and Jean-Pol FargeauMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBefore Night FallsSchnabel, JulienSchnabel, Julien (et al.)Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewBeing 17Téchiné, André Téchiné, André and Céline SciammaMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBig Joy: The Adventures of James BroughtonSalha, Stephen and Eric SladeMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBlackbirdPolk, Patrik-IanDuplechan, LarryMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBorn in ’68 (Nés en 68)Ducastel, Olivier and Jacques MartineauCorsini, Catherine (et al.)Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewBoy CultureBrocka, AllanRettenmund, MatthewMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBoys in the Band, TheFriedkin, WilliamCrawley, MartMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBoys LoveTerauchi, KôtarôTerauchi, Kôtarô (et al.)Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewBoys Love 2Terauchi, KôtarôTerauchi, Kôtarô and KarorukoMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBroken Tower, TheFranco, JamesFranco, James and Paul MarianiMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBromanceSanta Ana, LucasMina, Diego and Lucas Santa AnaMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBrother to BrotherEvans, RodneyEvans, RodneyMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewBusiness of Fancydancing, TheAlexie, ShermanAlexie, ShermanMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewCat on a Hot Tin RoofBrooks, RichardBrooks, Richard and James PoeMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewChris & Don. A Love StoryMascara, Tina and Guido SantiMascara, Tina and Guido SantiHarris, Paul
ReviewCity of Your Final Destination, TheIvory, JamesJhabvala , Ruth Prawer and Peter CameronMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewCôte d’Azur
(Crustacés et Coquillages)
Ducastel, Olivier and Jacques MartineauDucastel, Olivier and Jacques MartineauMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewCruisingFriedkin, William and Gerald WalkerFriedkin, WilliamMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewDeep EndSkolimowski, JerzySkolimowski, Jerzy et al.Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewDelta, TheSachs, IraSachs, IraMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewDifferent from the Others
(Anders als die Andern)
Oswald, RichardHirshfeld, Magnus and Richard OswaldMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewEast Palace, West PalaceZhang, YuanXiaobo, Wang and Yuan ZhangMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewEast Side StoryPortugal, CarlosPortugal, Carlos and Charo ToledoMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewEat With MeAu, DavidAu, DavidMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewEsterosCurotto, PapuNachon, AndiMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewFall From GraceJones, K. RyanJones, K. RyanMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewFarewell, My ConcubineChen, KaigeLee, Pik WahMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewFather and Son (Otets i syn)Sokurov, AleksandrPotepalov, SergeiMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewFire SongJones, Adam GarnettJones, Adam GarnettMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewFive DancesBrown, AlanBrown, AlanMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewFloating SkyscrapersWasilewski, TomaszWasilewski, TomaszMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewFolsom ForeverJensen, MarkJensen, MarkMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewReviewFood of LovePons, VenturaLeavitt, David and Ventura PonsqMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewFrantzOzon, FrançoisOzon, François and Philippe PiazzoMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewFrom the Life of the MarionettesBergman, IngmarBergman, IngmarMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewFront CoverYeung, RayYeung, RayMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewG.B.F.Stein, DarrenNorthy, GeorgeMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewGetting Go: The Go Doc ProjectKrueckeberg, CoryKrueckeberg, CoryMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewGlamour DollsDe Luca, JohnDe Luca, JohnMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewHandsome DevilButler, JohnButler, JohnMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewHeartbeats (Les amours imaginaires)Dolan, XavierDolan, XavierMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewHeavenly TouchLamangan, JoelValera, Manny and Joel LamanganMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewHis Secret LifeOzpetek, FerzanRomoli, Gianni and Ferzan OzpetekMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewHours, TheDaldry, StephenCunningham, Michael and David HareMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewHow to Win at Checkers (Every Time)Kim, JoshKim, JoshMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewI Am DivineSchwarz, JeffreySchwarz, JeffreyMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewI Am Happiness On Earth (Yo soy la felicidad de este mundo)Hernández, JuliánHernández, Julián and Ulises PérezMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewI Killed my Mother (J’ai tué ma mere)Dolan, XavierDolan, XavierMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewI Shot Andy WarholHarron, MaryHarron, Mary (et al.)Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewImportance of Being Earnest, TheAsquith, AnthonyWilde, Oscar and Anthony AsquithMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewImportance of Being Earnest, TheParker, OliverWilde, Oscar and Oliver ParkerMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewIn the Grayscale (En la gama de los grises)Marcone, ClaudioNorero, BeppeMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewIn the House (Dans la maison)Ozon, FrançoisOzon, François and Juan MayorgaMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewInnocentChung, SimonChung, SimonMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewIt’s Only the End of the World (Juste la fin du monde)Dolan, XaviarLagarce, Jean-LucMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewJohnsSilver, ScottSilver, ScottMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewKambyoBonife, LexBonife, Lex and Joselito AltarejosMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewKeep the River on Your RightShapiro, David and Laurie Gwen ShapiroShapiro, David and Laurie Gwen ShapiroMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewKing CobraKelly, JustinKelly, Justin; Andrew E. Stoner; and Peter A. ConwayMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewKiss Me, GuidoVitale, TonyVitale, TonyMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewL.I.E.Dano, PaulRyder, Stephen (et al.)Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewLan YuKwan, StanleyNgai, JimmyMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewLast Match, The (La Partida)Hens, AntonioHens, AntonioMurray, Stephen
ReviewLast Straight Man, TheBessenger, MarkBessenger, MarkMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewLaurence AnywaysDolan, XavierDolan, XavierMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewLeather Boys, TheFurie, Sidney J.Freeman, GillianWaltrip, Bob
ReviewLoose Cannons (Mine Vaganti)Ozpetek, FerzanCotroneo, Ivan and Ferzan OpetekMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewMilkVan Sant, GusBlack, Dustin LanceLaurent, Aristide
ReviewMilkVan Sant, Gus Black, Dustin LanceGlover, Billy
ReviewMy Life On Ice (Ma vraie vie à rouen)Ducastel, Olivier and Jacques MartineauDucastel, Olivier and Jacques MartineauMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewMy Own Private IdahoVan Sant, GusVan Sant, GusMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewMyra BreckenridgeSarne, MichaelVidal, Gore and Michael SarneMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewNaz & MaalikDockendorf, JayDockendorf, JayWhite, C. Todd
ReviewNight Listener, TheStettner, PatrickMaupin, ArmisteadMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewOkogeNakajima, TakeahiroNakajima, TakehiroMurray, Stephen
ReviewOur Lady of the AssassinsSchroeder, BarbetVallejo, FernandoMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewOut in the DarkMayer, MichaelShafrir, Yael and Michael MayerMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewOut of the Past: The Struggle for Gay and Lesbian Rights in AmericaDupre, JeffFerrari, MichelleGlover, Billy
ReviewOut To KillWilliams, RobWilliams, RobMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewPageantDavis, Ron and Stewart HalpernDavis, Ron and Stewart HalpernClark, Jack
ReviewPeyoteSarabia, Omar FloresSarabia, Omar FloresMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewPrideWarchus, MatthewBeresford, StephenWhite C. Todd
ReviewQuinceañeraWestmoreland, Wash
and Richard Glatzer
Westmoreland, Wash
and Richard Glatzer
Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewReaching for the MoonBarretto, BrunoOliveira, Carmen L.Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewRocky Horror Picture Show, TheO’Brien, Richard and Jim SharmanSharman, Jim Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewScreaming Queens: The Riot at Compton’s CafeteriaSilverman, Victor and Susan Stryker

Silverman, Victor and Susan Stryker
Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewSex in Chains ((Geschlecht in Fesseln)Dieterle, WilhelmHöllering, Franz; Herbert Juttke; Georg C. KlarenMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewShankPearce, SimonFlaxstone, Darren and Christian MartinMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewShinjuku BoysLonginotto, Kim and Jano WilliamsLonginotto, Kim and Jano WilliamsMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewShoeshine (Sciuscià)De Sica, VittorioAmidie, Sergio (et al.)Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewSomeday This Pain Will Be Useful to YouFaenza, RobertaCameron, Peter and Roberto Faenza (et al.)Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewSteam: The Turkish BathOzpetek, FerzanOzpetek, FerzanMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewStranger by the LakeGuiraudie, AlainGuiraudie, AlainMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewStrawberry and Chocolate (Fresa y chocolate)Alea, Tomás Gutiérrez and Juan Carlos TabioAlea, Tomás Gutiérrez and Senel PazMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewString, The (le fil)Ben Attia, MehdiBen Attia, Mehdi and Olivier LaneurieMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewSum of Us, TheBurton, Geoff and Kevin DowlingStevens, DavidMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewTales of the City (Season 1)Reid, AlastairMaupin, Armistead and Richard Kramer Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewTestJohnson, Chris MasonJohnson, Chris MasonMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewThéo & Hugo: Paris 05:59Martineau, Jacques and Olivier DucastelMartineau, Jacques and Olivier DucastelMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewThird One, The (El Tercero)Guerrero, RodrigoGuerrero, RodrigoMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewThousand Clouds of Peace, AHernández, JuliánHernández, JuliánMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewTime to Leave (le temps qui reste)Ozon, FrançoisOzon, FrançoisMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewTo Be TakeiKroot, Jennifer M.Kroot, Jennifer M.Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewUrbaniaShear, JonReitz, Daniel and Jon ShearMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewVelvet GoldmineHaynes, ToddHaynes, Todd and James LyonsMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewVereda TropicalTorre, JavierTorre, JavierMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewVery Natural Thing, ALarkin, ChristopherCoencas, Joseph and Christopher LarkinMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewVictimDearden, BasilGreen, Janet and John McCormickMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewVioletteProvost, MartinProvost, MartinMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewWay He Looks, The (Hoje eu quero voltar sozinho)Ribeiro, DanielRibeiro, DanielMurray, Stephen. O.
ReviewWedding Banquet, TheLee, AngLee, Ang (et al.)Murray, Stephen O.
ReviewWhat We HaveLesmers, MaximeLesmers, MaximeMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow?Chen, ArvinChin, ArvinMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewWound, TheTrengove, JohnBengu, Malusi; Thando Mgqolozana; and John TrengoveMurray, Stephen O.
ReviewYou Can’t Escape LithuaniaZabarauskas, RomasZabarauskas, RomasMurray, Stephen O.


Search category: “Show Review
Show TypeTitleVenueProduction DatesContributor
ReviewBoys in the Band, TheCrawley, MortMurray, Stephen O.
PlayBuyer & CellerGeorge Street Playhouse2015.03.08White C. Todd
PlayFor the Pleasure of Seeing Her AgainGeary Theatre, San Francisco2002.05.12Murray, Stephen O.
Song CycleGay Life: A cycle of six songs for amplified baritone solo and orchestraDavies Symphony Hall, San Francisco2001.05.03Murray, Stephen O.
PlayNight of the Iguana, The(none)Murray, Stephen O.
PlayNureyev’s EyesGeorge Street Playhouse2016.02.14White, C. Todd
OperaYoung CaesarOpera Parallèle, San Fransciso2007.02.00Murray, Stephen O.
PlayForty-Deuce / Beirut(none)Murray, Stephen O.

Short Fiction and Poetry

TypeTitle Author or EditorSourceDate Published
HumorFirst Homosexual President, TheMitchell, BobTangents 1.121966.09.05
FictionLetter from a BoyunattributedTangents 1.111966.08.11
PoetryMountain DreamsAdkins, Warren D.Tangents 1.111966.08.09
PoetryStyleMariah, PaulTangents 1.111966.08.04
FictionAnother SummerRoss, LangTangents 1.111966.08.04
FictionBath Night, part 2Johnstone, David A.Tangents 1.101966.07.03
Poetrysolution’s manBertrand, Henry G.Tangents 1.91966.06.06
FictionJeremiah Daisy Chain Letters, part 4“Little, Roger”Tangents 1.91966.06.05
FictionBath Night, part 1Johnstone, David A.Tangents 1.91966.06.03
PoetryHaitian CarnivalForeau, PierreTangents 1.81966.05.11
FictionJeremiah Daisy Chain Letters, part 3“Drinker, Nathan”Tangents 1.81966.05.07
PoetrySafe BetHyman, DickTangents 1.8">Tangents 1.81966.05.05
FictionSeashellsKreisler, KurtTangents 1.81966.05.04
FictionJeremiah Daisy Chain Letters, part 2”Wentworth, Thomas”Tangents 1.71966.04.02
FictionJeremiah Daisy Chain Letters, part 1“Daisy, Jeremiah”Tangents 1.61966.03.08
PoetrySaturday Night at JacalaGabrielleTangents 1.61966.03.07
PoetryPurrStark, R. J. Tangents 1.61966.03.05
FictionSnow Fall, part 3Hansen, Joseph (“James Colton”)Tangents 1.51966.02.07
PoetryAfternoon, AnAmoss, CriagTangents 1.51966.02.05
PoetryFortune CookiesCordell, PaulTangents 1.41966.01.10
PoetryEchoes of LonelinessStandford, AdrianTangents 1.41966.01.06
FictionSnow Fall, part 2Hansen, Joseph (“James Colton”)Tangents 1.41966.01.04
FictionSnow Fall, part 1Hansen, Joseph (“James Colton”)Tangents 1.31965.12
FictionGood Night, and Merry ChristmasBarrow, MarilynTangents 1.31965.12
PoetryLove ObjectPeters, CyrilTangents 1.31965.12
FictionBlack BeautyMacAlbert, LeoTangents 1:21965.11
PoetryCap and BellsHansen, Joseph (as James Colton)Tangents 1:21965.11
PoetryNight in Eight LInesAmoss, CraigTangents 1:21965.11
FictionLet’s Have Some Fun!Sandiford, FrancisTangents 1:11965.10
PoetryLines for Harmodius and Aristogeiton, at Muscle BeachSacriste, LouisTangents 1:11965.10
PoetryVelvet ScarsEmpringham, Douglas R. Tangents 1.11965.10
FictionGetting Rid of Mr. GraingerHansen, JosephONE 13.61965.06
FictionGingerbread Man, TheJennings, DaleFantasy and Science Fiction1954.05
PoetryAt the BarCordell, PaulTangents 1.121966.09.04
FictionFourth Side to the TriangleMacAlbert, LeoTangents 1.121966.09.07
PoetryCover FireHansen, Joseph (“James Colton”)Tangents 1.121966.09.11

Indexes and Bibliographies

Storyline IndexDale Jennings: 24 Storylines
BibliographyHomophile-Era Histories (1950–1965)
BibliographyJoseph Hansen: Works

Abstracts and Summaries

TypeTitle Author or EditorSourceYear of Publication
AbstractBoys in the Band, TheCrawley, MartHIC Archives1969
AbstractCharioteer, TheMary RenaultHIC Archives1953
AbstractCourting JusticeJoyce Murdoch and Deb PriceHIC Archives
SummaryCowboys, TheDale JenningsWarner Brothers Studios
AbstractDeath ClaimsJoseph HansenHIC Archives
AbstractFinistèreFritz PetersHIC Archives
AbstractGay BarBranson, Helen P.HIC Archives1957
AbstractGay Spirit: Myth and MeaningMark ThompsonHIC Archives
AbstractHomosexual in America, TheDonald Webster CoryHIC Archives
AbstractHouse that Found a Home, TheJim KepnerHIC Archives
AbstractLeading the ParadePaul D. CainHIC Archives
AbstractRough News, Daring ViewsJim KepnerHIC Archives
AbstractSmile in His Lifetime, AHansen, JosephHIC Archives
AbstractUS:Haiti Transmission of AIDS, The: A Case Study in the Failure of Organized Skepticism in ScienceMurray, Stephen O.Tangents Online2018.05.31