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Advocate’s lousy reporting of “10 early movement publications”

Billy GloverMarch 11, 2016.

We may excuse ignorance of those general people who might want a short basic info on the movement, but glbt journalists have a duty to either not cover something or to do it competently and ethically.

How the “journalist” could make a mistake on discussing ONE Magazine is beyond understanding. What it says is that ONE was early but implies that it could not be distributed because the post office refused to allow it. NO mention of the lawsuit, and of course ONE never stopped being distributed.

A “clue” is that once again pc coverage means the first publication listed is The Ladder—which is only discussed as having been supported by ONE, Inc. and Mattachine—I am sure lesbians will like that strange discussion—it is credited with being the first national lesbian publication.

I found it difficult to surf all the listings. At least Windy City Times, Mattachine Review, Vice Versa, Philadelphia Gay News, Empty Closet, BAR, and obviously Advocate are listed—it said 10—I never got the 10th one.

So for those who think it is not necessary to talk about ONE, etc, here is proof that even lgbt journalists are ignorant on our media history.


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  1. Paul Cain

    And even that reporting, of course, is incorrect. The Ladder wasn’t even the first lesbian publication. Try Vice Versa (Lisa Ben).

  2. Billy Glover

    The reporter was right-said it was the first national, AND they did list Vice Versa, I forgot that.

    Are you seeing the anti-Trump thing in Chicago? I may be wrong, but it helps Trump and I do not like the idea of stopping someone from saying something you disagree with—they can picket and hold a separate rally, but if we were holding a pro-gay rally and were invaded/stopped by an anti-gay protesters, I would call the police.

    I am confused by the listing for “Vice” and the promoted gay civil rights thing.

    I will quit, watching silly show, Second Chance, on Fox-interesting, and then Maher, ice.

  3. Paul Cain

    I AM watching the Trump/Chicago stuff. (Rachel Maddow should be a Facebook friend of mine, for as much time as I spend with her.) In his own words, he’s “horrible.” But Ted Cruz would be worse. Cruz is an ideologue who would destroy this country. Trump is a buffoon and media whore who might do anything, but I think he would quickly learn that he would not be able to work with the existing power structure.

  4. Paul Cain

    Only one possible choice — Hillary Clinton. I could live with John Kasich, too, but he won’t win unless there’s a brokered convention. Marco Rubio would probably have to win FL to get that, and he’s down about 20 points right now. The best hope is that Trump creates a third-party run, but he would have to not win the nomination for that to happen. And it seems likely that he will win it. Fortunately, Hillary is a fighter; she’s not going to take his crap lying down.

  5. Billy Glover

    While I admire the young people in both parties—they seem to have no perspective—they hear the lies of Hillary or Trump and allow no real world thinking. As I said, what/who is the alternative? And the religious nuts are hypocrites—the most “Christian” presidents have been Carter and Obama—they have PRACTICED “family values” yet got no credit. And the “Evangelicals” support Vitter, and others who preached one way and acted the opposite. They need to be called out for that.

  6. Ron Tate

    We are all well familiar with your repeated condemnation of the Advocates’s reporting.

    Whether you like it or not I will call out a Democrat just as fast as a Republican when they lie and make an idiot of themselves. Hillary must have been on drugs at Nancy’s memorial to fantasize what she said. I still can’t get over her idiocy. Surely she must have known the Reagan’s total lack of involvement during the AIDS epidemic. I lost at least 50 friends and lovers in California (1980–’90s) due to inaction by the Federal government during the time of Nancy and Ronald Reagan’s administration. I will never forgive them for their inaction and uncaring attitude. Perhaps Berine is a much better candidate than Hillary Clinton. Like the Bush dynasty, perhaps it’s time for Bill and Hillary to get out of politics. They are part of the old Washington establishment preserving the status quo. We need new blood,

  7. Billy Glover

    Hillary’s nonsense has been well pointed out-she is a politician. But then deal with Trump-I am listening tonight on all talk shows as Republicans are trying to stop Trump. If it is because he will put the professionals out of business-including the lousy ones in Congress, then good. But as a liberal Democrat, I see why they are so bad, yet they are being attacked by more radical frighwingers.

    But who thinks Bernie can win? Do we think most voters will support a Socialist? I like him less every time he says we should copy Denmark or some other nation.

    NONSENSE. It and others are dinky countries, who are doing as well as they are—which is not great—ONLY because WE are spending our money and military to protect them.

    (It doesn’t help, when I hear such nonsense, that I remember all the years some would come to our offices and say they were passing through and leaving America to go live in some more “gay-friendly” nation—some even said Mexico. They sometimes would ask if we knew which ones were. Instead of supporting the effort to change laws here, they were running away, as the “refugees” in the Middle East are. Our soldiers are in Afghanistan, but citizens are running away instead of helping save their country. We made Iraq safe, and then the Sunni Arabs started killing the Shia Arabs-oh, I should say Persians? The history says/will say that even “moderate” Muslim nations are becoming more radical-check the news on Indonesia. So this was/is a fight we would have inevitably.)

    (It is irrelevant to argue over whether we should be there, we are there and citizens voted twice for W and, if polls are right, the majority of military personnel are for Trump.)

    That is why I fear thousands of Muslims coming here all at once, they are in control of a town in I think Illinois now and there is danger of Sharia law—I don’t need religious fanatic “Christians” to tell me that my life will be worse off if more Muslims gain control of government offices. I would say the same thing if Hispanics should to impose their religion/culture on the rest of us. They are welcome to come join us as we are, and add their flavor, but not change things to be like they were in the country they ran away from.

  8. Ron Tate

    Your reply is all over the map, Billy.

    I am not advocating voting for Trump or any Republican for that matter. What I am trying to say is that the Bush family and perhaps the Clinton’s have been in politics too long, at least a half century and they are part of the status quo establishment and voter apathy. Sanders is not necessarily new blood. He is probably as old as you, not that I am young either. And you’re right. He can’t win. The Southern states will never elect a Jew as their president regardless of party affiliation. But we have millions of Millennials now and most are not rich, conservative evangelicals. They need to come forward and carry the torch and bring new life into our old parties. The Trump phenomenon is due largely to people’s anger over the current system of politics and how rigged it is. I can’t necessarily blame them but Trump is little more than a fascist encouraging racial strife, disunity, division and hatred. He will never unite us or bring us together. The young people in this nation must get involved. Their apathy is the real tragedy here. It’s old redneck conservative farts in this country who keep going to the polls and voting for redneck conservative fundamentalist Christian white men.

    Just heard on the news they closed Interstate 10 at the Louisiana and Texas border due to flooding. Afandi and I are going with Lynn for lunch this morning with the Prime Timers. Lynn was supposed to get back from Coushatta last night about 10 PM.

  9. Billy Glover

    You are right and I agree—I did go overboard, and I understand why Trump has supporters. Does he remind you of a movie in which someone proposes a play about “Springtime and Hitler” or something? Trump seems almost to be playing that part—asking people to raise their hands and pledge to vote is just a scary scene. But he is attacking my enemies—the Republicans leading the House and Senate. BUT they are under attack by me for NOT compromising with Obama and they are under attack from rightwing nuts because they “are.”

    I never, in all campaigns, heard the members of a candidate’s party attacking him more than members of the opposite party. And independents have no say in who each party nominates, they only vote for one of the two.

    But to continue on my tangents,” I am frustrated with the media-as were people at the Tucson Book Festival. I turn off Rachel after minutes as she the spends the next 10 repeating. Same with PBS Nightly News. And are you waiting eagerly for the next “breaking news” that another piece of the lost Malaysia plane may have been found?

    I am not worried about old farts, very soon not only will the electorate be younger, but it will be Asian and Hispanic and interracial. I do worry that our movement may have to educate the new people or they will bring their old country’s religious/cultural views on homosexuality and NOT follow the Constitution.

    Which candidate will appoint the better Supreme Court judges? Maybe I am no “reading” it right, but it seems that the few rich people who have controlled politicians have no power in this election-all the money of the Koch Bros, etc, is worthless. They do not have but one vote. And the lies they usually throw at Democrats are now being thrown at all the Republican candidates. It should be fun hearing Cruz’s birth certificate being discussed, etc. Have you seen/heard all the attacks from “conservative” Republicans on Trump?

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