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Extremists come in all flavors…

Billy Glover…but the “leftists” are worse than the right.

June 18, 2012.

As I logged onto the computer, the opening age of Yahoo links to a story (I did not bother to read it) that a former law professor to Obama says he is not liberal enough, so should not be reelected.

I think the right-wingers are right: we need to get rid of most of the college professors (protected by tenure which I once thought was a good thing) as they live in a false world.

While I am concerned that young LGBT people will not know the past of the community/movement, and understand that there is still work to be done, I am now concerned that too many of us who worked in the early and exciting days when what we have today was only a hope and dream will forget the facts.

College professors, preachers, psychologists, psychiatrists, lawyers, and most institutions were our enemy. The government was our enemy. While we can be happy that the courts have given us freedom from the sodomy laws (Lawrence v. Texas), and the psychiatrists and psychiatrists have admitted that they had bee wrong and we are not sick, mentally troubled, etc., don’t forget that, as Mattachine co-founder Harry Hay pointed out, these same “friends” under pressure may change their minds tomorrow. That is why most of those at ONE and the HIC did not spend most of our time being friends with politicians. The politicians that we would have been cozy with are gone.

Ours is a nation of laws, and the danger that remains (since we are no longer “criminals” or “sick”) is religion. And what is so hard to understand is that the extremist Christians who want to control laws about our sexuality, etc., don’t understand that if we let them make the laws today based on their personal religious beliefs, tomorrow it will be the Muslims and we will have Sharia law. This is why LGBT people are more aware of the dangers of relying only on laws to get our equal/civil rights. We must continually educate ourselves and the general population.

And, no matter how much money the fanatic Republicans can come up with, it is those who vote who will decide. And so we too should want honest counting of the votes.

But a note to that law professor: Whom do you want to make the next Supreme Court appointments??


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