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On gay retirement centers

Billy Glover

December 18, 2007.

I would think our community would be interesting to us old-timers if we could live where we could have meetings and share our experiences over the years.

And I would think college students would want to visit and hear these experiences to compare them with how life as a homosexual is today.

And it is even better if some of the people have lived in other places, not just good ol’ Southern California — although we have to pity them for not having been that lucky.

(I’m now in LA, the state, as I couldn’t afford to live in L.A. but of course loved it for the over 30 years I lived there and worked with ONE, Inc. and co-founded the Homosexual Information Center.)

We have lost the pioneers such as Harry Hay, Morris Kight, Don Slater, Jim Kepner, et al., but can you imagine what a pleasure living in a place with them and hearing them talk, even argue?

Maybe they are doing it in heaven of course.

But there are “pioneers” being made in our movement today, and you may have some of them living there in the coming years.

And our community will be better off for having them safe and having time to share ideas as well as memories.

And Triangle Square, in Hollywood, could have the benefit of these people.

For information, visit Gay & Lesbian Elder Housing in Hollywood, CA.


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