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Joseph Hansen: bibliography

Joseph HansenThe Works of Joseph Hansen

compiled by C. Todd White, Ph.D.

February 20, 2015

Joseph Hansen Bibliography

Known publications of HIC Founding Director and Author Joseph Hansen
Year of PublicationTitleClassificationPublished asPublisher
1962The ImpressarioReviewJames ColtonONE Magazine
1962Three PoemsPoetryJames ColtonONE Magazine
1962The ChosenShort FictionJames ColtonONE Magazine
1962KindnessShort FictionJames ColtonONE Magazine
1963The CorrupterShort FictionJames ColtonONE Magazine
1964Lost on Twilight RoadBookJames ColtonNational Library Books
1964Red LeavesShort FictionJames ColtonONE Magazine
1964Donatello's DavidShort FictionJames ColtonONE Magazine
1964PatrioticArtJames ColtonONE Magazine
1964Legacy, A StoryShort FictionJames ColtonONE Magazine
1964A Single ManReviewJames ColtonONE Magazine
1964CocksureBookJames ColtonNational Library Books
1964Hissing TrailsReviewJames ColtonONE Magazine
1965Suicide and the HomosexualEssayJoseph HansenONE: The Homosexual Viewpoint
1965SuicideEssayJoseph HansenONE Magazine
1965The Right to ReadEssayJoseph HansenONE Magazine
1965Strange MarriageBookJoseph HansenArgyle Books
1965LeafCover ArtJoe HansenTangents 1.2
1965Science Looks at HomosexualityEssayJoseph HansenTangents
1965Nothing Like the SunReviewJames ColtonONE Magazine
1965That Cold Day in the ParkReviewJ. H.Tangents 1.1
1965Cap and BellsPoetryJames ColtonTangents 1.2
1965Snowfall (part 1)Short FictionJames ColtonTangents 1.3
1965Getting Rid of Mr. GraingerShort FictionJames ColtonONE: The Homosexual Viewpoint
1966Snowfall (part 2)Short FictionJames ColtonTangents
1966Snowfall (part 3)Short FictionJames ColtonTangents
1966The Piano PlayerShort FictionJames ColtonTangents
1966IncidentArtJoe HansenTangents
1966Swing Low, Sweet HarrietReviewJames ColtonTangents
1966Cover FirePoetryJames ColtonTangents
1966The Why NotReviewJames ColtonTangents
1966The Homosexual JokeEssayJoseph HansenTangents
1966The Tortured SexReviewJ. H.Tangents
1968Known HomosexualBookJames ColtonBrandon House
1968Red w/ ManCover ArtJoe HansenTangents
1968The Corrupter and Other StoriesBookJames ColtonGreenleaf Classics
1968Growing Up StraightReviewJames ColtonTangents
1969GardBookJames CoultonAward Books
1969Hang-UpBookJames ColtonBrandon House
1970FadeoutBookJoseph HansenHarper & Row
1971ToddBookJames ColtonTraveller's Companion
1971The Outward SideBookJames ColtonTraveller's Companion
1973Death ClaimsBookJoseph HansenHarperCollins
1975TroublemakerBookJoseph HansenHarper & Rowe
1977One Foot in the BoatBookJoseph HansenMomentum Press
1977Stranger to HimselfBookJoseph HansenMajor Books
1978The Man Everybody was Afraid ofBookJoseph HansenRinehart and Winston
1979Skinflick: A Dave Brandstetter MysteryBookJoseph HansenHolt, Rinehart and Winston
1979The Dog: And Other StoriesBookJoseph HansenMomentum Press
1981A Smile in his LifetimeBookJoseph HansenHolt, Rinehart and Winston
1982Gravedigger: A Dave Brandstetter MysteryBookJoseph HansenHolt, Rinehart and Winston
1982BacktrackBookJoseph HansenFoul Play Press
1983Job's YearBookJoseph HansenHolt, Rinehart and Winston
1984The Little Dog Laughed: A Dave Brandstetter MysteryBookJoseph HansenHolt, Rinehart and Winston
1984Pretty Boy DeadBookJoseph HansenGay Sunshine Press
1984Brandstetter & Others: Five FictionsBookJoseph HansenFoul Play Press
1986NightworkBookJoseph HansenHolt
1987Early GravesBookJoseph HansenMysterious Press
1988Obedience: A Dave Brandstetter MysteryBookJoseph HansenMysterious Press
1988Bohannon's Book: Five MysteriesBookJoseph HansenFoul Play Press
1990The Boy who was Buried this MorningBookJoseph HansenNY: Viking
1991A Country of Old Men: The Last Dave Brandstetter MysteryBookJoseph HansenViking
1992Skinflick; Gravedigger; Nightwork: Three Dave Brandstetter MysteriesBookJoseph HansenQuality Paperback Book Club
1993Living UpstairsBookJoseph HansenDutton
1993Bohannon's Country: Mystery StoriesBookJoseph HansenViking
1995Jack of HeartsBookJoseph HansenDutton
1997Don Slater, 1923-1997: A Gay Rights Pioneer Remembered by his FriendsBookJoseph HansenHIC Publications
1998Ghosts and Other PoemsBookJoseph HansenSmallrains Press
1998A Few Doors West of Hope: The Life and Times of Dauntless Don SlaterBookJoseph HansenHIC Publications
2000Fadeout (reprint)BookJoseph HansenAlyson Books
2000Blood, Snow, and Classic Cars: Mystery StoriesBookJoseph HansenLeyland Publications
2001The Cutbank PathBookJoseph HansenXlibris
2002Bohannon's Women: Mystery StoriesBookJoseph HansenFive Star
2007The Complete Brandstetter: Twelve NovelsBookJoseph HansenHarpenden: No Exit