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Letters to Tangents • June 1966

Letters to Tangents


June 1966 • Vol. 1 No. 9

Originally published in the June 1966 issue of Tangents


I wish to congratulate you on your fine magazine. After reading carefully 2 sample copies, I find Tangents to be a superior periodical in many respects. The quality of your paper and photographs make for a very pleasant appearance, and your writing is forthright and dignified.

You recently told a New York Times reporter that Tangents has 5,000 subscribers. It is clear that these people find your magazine worthy enough to subscribe to, in spite of the fact that it must be sent in a plain wrapper. I’m sure more persons, including myself, would subscribe if conditions were less hostile.

I am disappointed, however, that our organizations are not seeking legal redress through the courts. Although the Illinois situation is encouraging, I agree with observers that it is unrealistic to to expect legislative relief in most states. May I suggest, then, that some one consider taking test cases to the Supreme Court? I know that there are many issues that need to be decided.

As you know, one—and perhaps the greatest—problem is meeting other persons. Some homosexuals visit bars and other public places, and a few others find that their occupations provide a favorable climate for friendship. Others—undoubtedly the majority—find life to be a very frustrating experience. The post office and police have quickly suppressed any move on the part of magazines and organizations to accept and publish personal advertisements. (The ABZ of Love says the practice of publishing “personals” is legal in Denmark and that it has brought incalculable happiness to many persons.)

I strongly feel that the limited financial resources of our organizations should be directed to important goals. I feel that seeking to enter the armed forces is not imperative (any one who doesn’t have a police record or manifest his inclinations can enter now)—and hosting occasional parties (according to a notice I received from you) can only cater to a limited number of persons, who have the courage to attend.

I wish you great success.



I have read and reread with much interest the Memorandum, re, seizure of the Magazine Vennen. This is more than just a worthwhile project, it is a subject which we are ALL vitally interested in and a project which should attract much interest at the National Planning Conference of Homosexual Organizations. The board of directors of Phoenix have just approved having social affairs so the organization may attract new members and raise a little money for the work. We expect to have an effective group soon.



While I think periodicals such as Tangents, Citizens News, Drum, etc. are doing an excellent job of keeping the homosexual contingent informed as to developments within the movement, I am wondering if they ever reach the eyes of the influential heterosexual whom we really need to “educate.”

Just as the Negro did not make any real headway until certain laws were changed, we must get laws changed. The Mattachine in Washington might exert pressure in this way.


Editors note: A small contribution was enclosed with the above letter, and in reply to the problem of reaching the heterosexual, a reading of the motorcade report (May Tangents) will lead one to see that many heterosexuals are helping in our work.

Tangents is aimed more and more away from a narrow homosexual point of view and toward one that discusses the whole question of sex and civil rights.

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