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How the media handled the government’s marriage issue this week

Billy GloverFebruary 25, 2011.

Jon Stewart, last night, and will be repeated two more times today on Comedy Central, did a great fast job of attacking MSNBC, and indirectly much of the media, on how it covered what may be a very important change in the legal battle over DOMA/marriage.

The woman anchor is listening to a reporter breaking the news of how the Attorney General of the U.S. is no longer going to defend the Constitutionality of the act. And suddenly she cuts off the reporter to switch to another reporter who has “breaking news” that Lindsey Lohan is in court.

Now at first you see what stupid journalists they are, if they claim to be journalists. Who thinks it is news that Lohan is in court and may go to jail? But, the change of legal attitude toward DOMA is new. And so it should be the prime news.

But, is it possible that our cause is better off if the “news” is handled as not that important? History may show that some “progress” is made easier if it is not well publicized.


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