Saturday, April 1st, 2023

Regarding Nancy Gibbs’ Article on Obama’s election, in the November 17th issue of Time

Billy GloverNovember 11, 2008.

I don’t want to fail to say how good Nancy Gibbs’ writing and coverage of the election of Barak Obama is. Even among lots of good coverage, her words stand out.

Such words as, “You could almost walk from Maine to Minnesota without getting your feet wet in a red state” tells us clearly the results of the election and the “change.”

And it is good to point out that “More than a thousand people shouted ‘yes we can’ outside the White House, where a century ago it was considered scandalous for a president to invite a black hero to lunch.” I like hearing her words: “The election of Obama has not just turned a page in our politics but also tossed out the whole book so we can start over.” And the marvelous contrast in the words:

Obama is saying [about people like his grandmother]: “They’re not famous. Their names are not in the newspapers, but each and every day, the work hard.” One day later, Madelyn Dunham’s grandson would be he most famous man in the world.

Some politician should have her as a speech writer.


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