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Like Donald Trump, I will double down and talk about ONE’s place in history MORE rather than less

Billy GloverSeptember 20, 2015.

I know that “subject” has already turned off most people, but I just reread Homosexuals Today and everyone in the community, much less the movement, needs to know how the world was in 1956 when ONE published it — the first movement book, as ONE published the first play in the movement, Game of Fools.

The founders had a vision/dream of what a gay-friendly world would be like, and it is slowly coming to reality today. 

Many of the projects listed then now exist: While the church (Church of ONE Brotherhood) only lasted a year or so, today there are many gay churches and many gay-friendly churches. In several major cities housing for low-income elder LGBT people exist and more will come. The gay centers in major cities help with employment, medical assistance, etc. There are several legal organizations to help fight those who suffer discrimination.

On a lighter/gayer side there are gay cruises, gay resorts, many gay plays and movies, and LGBT people are on TV. Most colleges have student groups.  Most professions have LGBT groups — gay physicians, attorneys, journalists, anthropologists…?

These are not “ghetto” efforts but rich educational resources. They are listed in Gayellow Pages.

By the way, it seems some people have a difficult time online due to the spelling of that name, many use “gay yellow” pages.  (I talked with one person on this issue at the local PFLAG meeting.)

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