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Don Slater: A Gay Rights Pioneer Remembered by his Friends

Don Slater:
A Gay Rights Pioneer Remembered 
by his Friends

©1997 by Homosexual Information Center, Inc.

Jim Schneider, Chairman
Los Angeles, California

Second Printing, revised
Assembled, edited, and composed by Joseph Hansen
in Laguna Beach, CA

Published by HIC Publications in Los Angeles.


“On the contrary, I think of all the persons in the movement who have been as continuously active as I have (and no one has) I am the least known or mentioned of any—and I want to keep it that way.”

Don Slater


by Joseph Hansen
(pp. 3–5)

A Pioneer Passes
by Jim Kepner
(pp. 6–7)

Together to the Very End
by Tony Reyes
(p. 8)

One Among Us
by Fred Frisbie
(p. 9–10)

The Great Divide
by Ross Ingersoll
(pp. 11–13)

The Happy Warriors
by Charles L. Lucas
(pp. 14–16)

The Absolute Don
by Jeanne Chelsey Barney
(pp. 17)

A Life-Saving Embrace
by Harry Hay
(pp. 18–19)

I Did It My Way
by Paul Harris
(p. 20)

Skeptical of Easy Answers
by Vern Bullough, Ph.D.
(pp. 21–22)

Learning to Cook
by Morris Kight
(pp. 22–24)

Ready for Stonewall
by Don Schneider
(pp. 24–27)

Love Always Won Out
by Susan Howe
(p. 28)

Soldiering On
William Edward “Billy” Glover
(pp. 29–30)

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