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When Don Slater and the other editors of ONE magazine separated from ONE, Inc., in May of 1965, they of course intended to take their magazine with them — that was the point.

In the fall of that year, however, a judge ruled that Slater’s faction, calling itself The Tangent Group, could retain the ONE Library (which had recently been renamed the Blanche M. Baker Memorial Library) and other office materials. But they had to relinquish all future claim to use the name ONE or to do business as ONE, Incorporated.

It was for this reason that the renegade editorial team of ONE: The Homosexual Viewpoint changed the magazine’s name to Tangents in October of 1965. It is also the reason that there were two different issues of ONE published from May, 1965 through August of that year.

The original editorial board of Tangents included Don Slater, Ross Ingersoll (as “Marcel Martin”), and Robert Gregory.

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