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Let me tell you the truth about liberals

Billy Glover

January 22, 2014.

Regarding Ed Driscoll’s review of Fred Siegel’s book, The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism has Undermined the Middle Class:

The article/book is way too long, and nonsense, picking and choosing and stuffing a straw man.

But…As I have told everyone — and was mostly ignored of course: If anyone can tell you and the world about the hypocrisy of liberals, we can.

As a liberal Democrat whose colleagues were mostly conservative Republicans, I was constantly frustrated with the total failure of liberals to support our work and in fact they oppose it, starting with the ACLU, until after we were on the road to success (which was in the early 1960s, despite the lazy historian and journalist theory that we didn’t exist until Stonewall  in 1969).

Our files contain rejections for our ads and “news” by all liberal publications. And who gave us publicity and let our voice be heard? Conservatives like Joe Pyne, the Rush Limbaugh of his day.  Where were all those liberal, closeted, gay, writers who refused to write for or even mention us?  Then and now, most academics are not gay-friendly. The most vicious reviews of early gay books, etc. came from liberals, mostly closeted reviewers.

And the most complaints, giving excuses for not supporting the first national homosexual publication came from—bingo!—liberals. I suggest that LGBT journalists go read letters we received and see the foolish thinking of self-righteous liberals.

And we were opposed by every government agency, every religious group. We were called sick,  criminal, and sinful. And when we told members of the community, mostly in the closet, that we were none of those things, they didn’t believe us. We were at the same time accused by fake liberals of being ashamed of being homosexual. That is why Hal Call justified using “experts/heterosexuals” to speak in the Mattachine Review. If “they” said it, liberals believed it; if we said it in ONE, they accused us of being biased!!!

It goes without saying that no liberal attorney, physician, publisher, landlord, etc., would help us.

But history, hard to escape today as not a day goes by without some LGBT person or issue being discussed in the media, proves that the few, starting in secret with the original Mattachine Foundation, finally becoming public with ONE, grew each decade until now millions of LGBT people will no longer waste time trying to tell the truth to liberals.

We used the system and have won: Only a few ignorant bigots refuse to see the facts. We are truly the perfect example true conservatives should use to prove their case.

And it is a shame that many good Americans do not understand just how great the nation is and that our civil rights work. And success, in courts in legislatures (and eventually in churches and colleges but they are a little slow) will continue to come. And that they should be proud that when given the truth, they have been able to make the right choices on sexuality, etc. Despite many failings, each generation has brought us closer to the dreams of the founders: A more perfect nation.

I gather the writer of this article is in reality a typical liberal in conservative clothing.  Like too many academics, lost in the trees and missing the forest.

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