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Wild Strawberry Patch is an interlocking series of gay love stories

wildstrawberryWild Strawberry Patch

by James Ramp

Published by Fanfare Publications

Published 1966
Fiction (short stories)
119 pgs.

Reviewed by “M. E.”

April 7, 1966.

Wild Strawberry Patch, by James H. Ramp, is a delightful series of interlocking gay love stories, even though some readers may classify them as slightly Utopian. Written in heavy mid-Western farm dialect, the overall plot tells us how a group of farmers combine resources to solve their sexual yearnings and problems. Patch is poorly written and completely void of any character development, making it difficult to identify and follow the characters by name alone. All stories, however, are in good taste, and in many places the situations are highly amusing and entertaining.

If you care for globs of fantasy, you may find the couple of hours of reading time worthwhile.

First published in Tangents 1.7, April 1966.
© 1966, 2016 by The Tangent Group. All rights reserved.

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