Wednesday, March 29th, 2023


Physique Pictorial magazine is first published, by Bob Mizer.

Future activist Betty Berzon moves to Los Angeles.

James Barr’s Quatrefoil published by Greenberg.

President Eisenhower signs Executive Order 10450, citing “sexual perversions” as reasons for preventing homosexuals from being employed by the federal government.

Nov 11: Harry Hay, Rudy Gernreich, Chuck Rowland, Dale Jennings, and Bob Hull meet at Hay’s home in Silver Lake to discuss his Preliminary Concepts for unifying homosexuals into social action. The group meet again two days later, on Nov. 13th.

Dec: A senate subcommittee issues a report stating that homosexuals working within the Federal government could be considered a threat to national security.

Dec. 11: First organized discussion group of Hay’s secret society, which would later become known as Mattachine.

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