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Thoughts on the Shreveport councilperson who feels a victim of the LGBT effort to gain civil rights

Billy Glover

February 20, 2014.

A reading of history, even bad history, shows that the use of religion to force someone’s view on others usually backfires in the long run.

And the worst misuse of “history,” which all political factions use, is trying to tie their enemy to either Hitler, the Holocaust, Communists, and now Muslim extremists.

A city councilperson who is so unAmerican that he thinks his religious beliefs are adequate excuse for his views on other Americans is the worst type, especially when he plays the “victim” card.  It is absurd for Christians to claim they are being persecuted, much as apparently some WASP people are now doing (i.e. the Tea Party types).

Jaws of Victory

Intelligent people might want to consider how old and absurd this tactic can be, and they might want to see the “ultimate” attempt at playing the victim card by those in control, the majority, and those who started the fight themselves. And it is the Nazi Germans who are the “answer.”

Find among the many thoughtful points about war, bad generals and politicians, made by Charles Fair in his book, From the Jaws of Victory (Simon & Schuster 1971), the “view” of some Germans during the war:

On the other hand the morale of the Germans is lower than might be imagined. In part this was doubtless due to quite concrete evidence that nobody loved them-that good Germans were as usual surrounded by ferocious foes bent upon their destruction and beginning in fact to accomplish it. In his May 1 and 2 entries Count Ciano says: “Losses in Russia are heavy…British aviation is striking hard…The Germans react and strike back at the English cities but with less violence. Which only partly consoles the German population, accustomed as it has always been to dish it out but never to take it. Which leads many of them, who have devastated half of Europe, to weep about the “brutality of the English, who make many innocent Prussian families homeless.”

He adds: “The worse of it is that they really feel this way.”

And many unChristian Christians believe that they are victims of citizens whose civil rights they have denied for years, just as they supported slavery and denied women equality, etc.


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