Friday, March 31st, 2023

Regarding Robert Beachey’s new book, Gay Berlin

Billy Glover

August 8, 2015.

Thank you very much to “Cubey” for forwarding the link to an excellent article on a new book, Robert Beachey’s Gay Berlin: Birthplace of a Modern Identity.

It should be read by everyone in the movement/community.  It should have been discussed in our own media!

Those who have thought about homosexuality and society know some of this information and that Berlin was as “good” then as America is today — and

GayBerlinIt especially concerns transexuals and drag queens. Maybe today’s transexual community will learn something from it, and all the naive young LGBT people who think the world was always great and always will be for them.

While this covers serious issues as well as the wild parties, even sex operations, etc, and Hirshfeld’s work, I am not sure, despite many publications, that there was a movement like ours, and I welcome info on that aspect. 

Maybe I am hoping to find reason to think our movement is built on more solid ground.


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