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There are two Cait Jenner issues: trans and political

Billy Glover

August 8, 2015.

We are asked to wait to see how the Jenner TV show and her life goes. She may go from an ignorant (uncaring) person to a good educated leader of the trans community in eight episodes?

We are reminded that most celebrities and ordinary people had to make the journey from being anti-gay to being gay or gay-friendly.

Well, her journey started when?  Ellen’s started when?

When did resources for LGBT people become available? 1950? Gayellow Pages started being available when? How many resources are online if you search?

Whom did Jenner talk with on the issues? What resources did Jenner use to try to understand herself and know who and what had made the same journey?

This is 2015, and you can not turn on the TV or read many newspapers (read papers!) or magazines without seeing articles on people who are trans. (Has there been discussion of such issues on the Kardashian TV shows?)  The TV channels devoted to celebrities sure have covered the issue. Time magazine has covered the subject.

The media has sadly had too many articles in young people who he been bullied, and committed suicide, because of their gender/sexual issues.

I personally know one trans person who made the journey years ago and did not have most of the resources the media covers today. (She may be in the same age range as Jenner. And  was in a heterosexual marriage — and served in the Army — which brings up the issue of how the VA deals with such issues/people.)

And this friend (and activist) illustrates the second problem with Jenner’s “politics.”  She cares for all people who are not in the mainstream. She knows what it is to be poor. But she cared for poor people even as she served in the military. What did Jenner do for society when a male?

We are not saying she has to suddenly become caring for minorities now that she is trans-she should have cared — and maybe she did — all her life. It is a generic, religious even, thing. The issues, such as lack of jobs for minority young people, are covered by the media — maybe not by the Kardashian types.

Did she use her celebrity as an Olympic person for good causes?

Her statements are cruel and mean-spirited — like the people on Fox News. Listen to them as they chatter while shopping for new clothes and getting facelifts maybe not the frivolous young women on those daily Fox talk shows who chatter away with their mindsets — I wonder how they would be if they lost their jobs?

Most Americans know  nonsense when they see it — they know hypocrisy when they see it.

Stupidity and meanness are not LGBT issues.

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