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Tangents • Bookservice • Aug 1966



August 1966

Vol. 1 No. 11, page 26.

Originally published in the August 1966 issue of Tangents


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Sex, Pornography and Justice by Albert B. Gerber.
An up-to-date, well researched and plain spoken book on pornography—crammed with what the censors call “the dirty parts,” liberally illustrated. $10.00.

Wild Strawberry Patch by James Ramp.
Author Ramp, known to ONE readers for his popular fiction and poetry, has here written about how a group of farmers solve the problem of their sexual yearnings. The situations are highly amusing and entertaining. $3.00

The Velocipede Handicap by Louise King.
A happy, mysterious, and mischievous book about a lesbian who loves horses and gets involved with crooks. Humor you shouldn’t miss. $4.50

The Gay Geniuses by W. H. Kayy, M.D.
A popular, easy reading Jonathan to Gide guide to who was gay in history. Do you believe Stephen Foster was gay? Dr. Kayy includes him in his catalog. Good introduction. $7.95

Sociological Aspects of Homosexuality by Michael Schofield.
The careful and revealing analysis of 3 groups of homosexuals—those in prison, those in clinics, and those who have never been under treatment or arrest. $9.50

The Asbestos Diary by Casimir Dukahz.
A modern-day Satyricon. Extremely frank, entirely irreverent, but in places almost poetic—one man’s account of his amorous exploits with boys. $5.95

The Detective by Roderick Thorp.
A 600 page novel about a man who is a private detective, and how he achieves a daring solution to a puzzling and brutal homosexual murder. $5.95

A Queer Kind of Death, an Inner Sanctum Mystery by George Baxt.
One of the best mysteries seen all year—which builds to the wild, violent and wonderfully hilarious climax of a High Camp party. Extraordinary plot. $3.95

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