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Tangents • September 1966


September 1966

Vol. 1 No. 12


Where You Can Buy Tangents
(p. 2)

The Case of the Mistreated Minister
by Bob Waltrip (History/Commentary, pp. 4–7)

At the Bar
by Paul Cordell (poetry, p. 7)

The First Homosexual President
by Bob Mitchell (fiction/humor, pp. 8–10)

News & Views (pp. 10–16)

Fourth Side to the Triangle
by Leo MacAlbert (fiction, pp. 17–21)


  • Sexual Morality, reviewed by Robert Gregory
  • The Boys of Boise, reviewed by Jim Kepner as “Dal McIntire”

Reader at Large
by Barbara Grier as “Gene Damon” (pp. 26–28)

Cover Fire
by Joseph Hansen as “James Colton” (poetry, p. 28)

(pp. 30–31)

Don Slater

Associate Editors
Robert Gregory
Joseph Hansen
Marcel Martin

Mae West advert, p. 21

Staff Artists
Rolf Berlinsen
Tony Reyes

Business Manager
Wm. Edward Glover

Cover Art
Blanche Small

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