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Letter to the New York Times regarding Brendan Eich

Billy Glover

April 9, 2014.

As regards the New York Times essay, “The Case of Brendan Eich,” by Ross Douthat, published April 8, 2014…

Why can’t people write a simple explanation?

The issue is not complicated. Religious bigots for centuries have had their way, told others what to do and now that they are not going to be able to do this, they cry victim.

This man is not a victim. He not only committed an act of omission, he committed an act of commission and now wants to not be held accountable. He is not guaranteed to not be held responsible (it seems only bankers and rich people are usually able to cheat and not be held accountable).

It would be interesting, and Jon Stewart could handle this, to hear he man’s explanation of why he chose to donate money to the effort to deny homosexual Americans equal rights? Is he going to say he didn’t know that was the purpose? Who asked him to donate? Has he donated to any LGBT efforts?

Don Douthat’s article is nonsense, but he admits it — he wants to protect special rights for religious views (his).

I ask you why you do not ask people like Jon Stewart to do an article?  I suspect he has a larger and better educated audience than you do.  That is a sad commentary — but then I’ve tried dealing with the media since the 1960s and find no more competent and ethical people in your work today than I did then.


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