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Combining our cause with other causes

Billy GloverDecember 23, 2013.

Dear Tray Baim:

The Windy City Times has had articles/columns discussing what our movement has done this year.

Since it seems successful and with Illinois having marriage equality there is the question of what other causes to take on while we are on a roll. The latest example of having our voice joined with others in the joint letter of HRC and the NAACP about the views of the Duck Dynasty family.

It is a good debate to have, it seems to me, as to how much good we do our cause and another cause by joining the two. We did not have many offers from others when this movement started. Even Virginia Prince/Transvestia objected to being included in a list the Homosexual Information Center made of resources. There were good examples of those who could have worked from several causes, and a few examples show that the attempt backfired. Bayard Rustin being only one. I remember in theory a woman who could not do it all—a black lesbian and maybe working o get the right to vote for women.

I hope the movement is big enough now to handle different choices, but we would not want to harm our cause by devoting our time to another cause, no matter how good.

Best wishes to you and all LGBT journalists/media for a good new year.



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