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Elton John’s kids

Billy GloverSeptember 9, 2013.

Regarding the recent article in the London Evening Standard titled “I was a monster—I’m a better person now that I’ve got children”…

I’m not sure about this. But, it is interesting that some of the entertainers who have unpleasant, unhealthy lives—not always their fault—still entertain the public so much. I liked hearing Elvis, etc. even though I know he had health problems, And I just heard Tina Turner say that she did not really enjoy her singing—but we sure did. I’m sad that she no longer is singing, but she says she is happy in retirement—has enough—and she got married.

I know other people, not just entertainers, work when they don’t feel good. And we benefit from them too, as parents do the necessary even when they are not well too. So Elton benefits from having a spouse and kids and thankfully can still entertain us.

But some of us can do good work even without children or a spouse.


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