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Gay paper sold, journalists honored…

Billy GloverRE Press Pass Q, September 2012

September 11, 2012.

Once again, I am hopeful that the bigots are upset if they see and know the news that you have compiled this week.

First, that major New York publications are doing so well, including Gay City News, that they have been rescued (bought). By the way, which Cal State did Goodstein attend? She might want to know that Cal State Northridge is now the home of the Homosexual Information Center archives (including the Blanche Baker Memorial Archive. To make it even more complicated, it is part of the Vern and Bonnie Bullough Collection on Sex and Gender—Vern taught there and worked closely with ONE/HIC.

And once again it seems that our cause/movement/community is being torn apart by a few people pushing their own agenda—getting their particular part awarded the Gay Housekeeping Seal of Approval. How silly. What is wrong with “Unity”?  And while it is troubling that black journalists still can’t seem to work well with other civil rights movements, I would agree that any credential or title should not be gay or Asian, etc, but cover all journalists.

It is good to see honors going to people like Jim Burroway and Michael Luongo.

But once again, I find it hard to understand how any journalists or editors can possibly be asking how they can find resources. Have they never heard of Gayellow Pages?

Finally, how great to see the lasting power of our publications—in large cities like Denver (Out Front) and smaller areas like Topeka (Liberty Press).  And we remember pioneers who have left us such, as Fertig, who inspire the younger LGBT journalists.

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