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The New Normal, on NBC

Billy GloverSeptember 11, 2012.

RE: Phil Dragotto’s query:

I’ve seen the New York Times article and a video clip regarding The New Normal. Does anyone know what station it’s on? Is it on basic cable or a premium channel, such as HBO?

The New Normal is on NBC, so except for Utah, your local TV channel should have carried it last night—as it did the new “Friends” man’s show (Go On). I think it said the show would be repeated tonight.



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  1. Phil Dragotto

    Thanks Billy. I’m here in L.A. as I think you are, so I’ll check it out on the channel line-up.

  2. Billy Glover

    I was and have been in L. A., but live now in LA, Bossier City/Shreveport. This is where I came from, and is cheaper and easier for me since I had a home from my family.Although at 80 I don’t feel like traveling much, I think that with the Internet we can keep up with the world and if it is cheaper, then that leaves money so that we can travel to places and enjoy them and then have this place to return to. I am amazed at how people decide where to live. I think you know many moved to Palm Springs, friend/co-worker Ron Tate moved to San Antonio, with out knowing anyone or having any real reason except it seemed good-he is happy so far-but his house taxes are high. And people I have heard of moved to Denver, from Seattle and other places, and many women seem to move to North Carolina—I see them talking in Lesbian Connection. I don’t see the men’s magazine about living in rural areas any more (RFD). And many moved to Santa Fe.It is interesting that Harry Hay and John Burnside moved to New Mexico, San Juan Pueblo (which has changed its name I hear to the indian version) but returned to Ca and lived in San Francisco-but they had companions to support them. hat is more interesting is a book I saw covered on BookTV about rural west America, and the author says that the area where Harry & John were is now (Espanola mainly) a Indian casino area and it has changed. Of course it already at Los Alamos and government dominating some areas.I think it is great that another friend/co-worker, John Richards and others live well at the retirmeent complex for glbt peole at Triangle Square in Hollywood—at low rates of course. But then my old friends melvin and Peter moved to small town PA and except for weather, like it. Tony Reyes still lives in the rural house he and Don Slater bought in CO, but is thinking of selling and moving to TX where his only close relative lives, as he has no support there, as people we knew are all dead. They had bought the house in the early ’70s.

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