Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

The cover of the June issue of OutSmart Magazine

OutSmart13JuneJune 11, 2013.

While most media and people are waiting and worrying about what the Supreme Court is going to say about same-sex/equal marriage, intelligent (if that is not an oxymoron?) bigots should be afraid of the real world that is already here—they can see that in the faces of young LGBT Americans such as are pictured in many of our community publications—such as on the cover of Houston’s OutSmart Magazine’s June Pride issue.

And they can read about the people working for the cause, such as three Pride marshals, reported on inside the issue, as well as the many listings of ride events in Houston alone.

And for me, the many great ads for gay-friendly businesses proves that early movement co-founder and editor/journalist Don Slater was right: If we do our job right, we will force the government to give us our rights, but probably private enterprise/true conservatives will be the first segments of society to deal honestly with issues the right to privacy (see the Ninth Amendment) including our sexuality and understanding that our having civil rights benefits everyone.


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