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Letters to Tangents • July 1966

Letters to Tangents


July 1966 • Vol. 1 No. 10

Originally published in the July 1966 issue of Tangents


I’m sure you have forgotten the visit we had in your office some 8 or 10 years ago. At that time you refused to remove the block square on every page saying “ONE” or the sub-head “The Homosexual Viewpoint,” so I’ve never subscribed nor have thousands of others like me who are doing well in business and could afford to give you considerable help.

To cap the climax you sent that outrageous questionnaire which my secretary opened. I had to dictate a letter at once and have my name removed from your list. Then Tangents came out with nothing incriminating on the cover and this was great! But I was disappointed when I saw the titles on the April cover, as I like to leave the magazine lying around. Let the grapevine sell your magazine and give us a chance to save face if someone sees us with the magazine. Some of us can’t afford to be seen with a magazine with the words on it even though the self-employed decorators, designers and hairdressers can be. Those of us in certain areas of employment have a lot to lose and a lot to give.

Think it over.



The arrival of Tangents for May was a pleasant event as my correspondence had run dry due to friends being on vacation. I read every word from cover to cover and found much food for thought. Having a sense of humor, I enjoy the Chain Letters. No place in the world do I find such thoughtful book reviews as those of Gene Damon.

The plight of the young man in Ithaca aroused my sympathy and understanding. I believe the older man was playing possum. Perhaps the man feared a trap. One never knows where to find a partner, but the places to stay away from are parks, public rest rooms, for such places are under the watchful eyes of plainclothes cops.



I believe that there are virtually no 100% heterosexuals. The homosexual penchant is innate, or nearly, so it seems. I know 2 males who, at age 6, willingly practiced fellatio.

Here in Hawaii I know a father and son who both cruise and who tell me that pickups are easy in the bars of Honolulu, the Wagon Wheel, da Swamp, and The Clouds.

Hawaii requires males who wear female clothing in public to wear a large badge (about 4 inches in diameter) on which is printed I AM A BOY.


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