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More on Walter L. Williams….

Billy GloverAugust 29, 2013.

Regarding the Advocate’s article “How a Renowned Gay Writer Made the FBI’s Most Wanted List”:

Here is a perfect example of Dorr Legg’s way of telling facts. The article says—or says Walter claims—he is the founder of ONE National Archives. Now is there anyone in the movement who does not know the truth?

We have spent time since 1965 telling the history of ONE Archives. Walter helped get the building for the archives. But “founder?” ONE Archives is mainly IGLA, Jim Kepner’s material. And while I guess Walter supported Dorr’s part of ONE, and Todd can tell more as he was not only a student of Walter’s but was there at the start of founding the combined archives (which we later, for a short time, sadly, joined).

I never heard of the last book mentioned. And we did wonder why Walter suddenly stopped his emails. But the few times I saw him, I had no idea of his interest in boys. Since he did not work with our part, I never got a chance to know him enough to think about him. I did think he promised more than he delivered.

The record has to show that without our rejoining ONE/IGLA and Jim Schneider taking over, it could be that there would never have been the use of the building at 909 W. Adams, which is Walter’s accomplishment. Or at least it would not have happened for years as USC had gotten so mad at John O’Brien they had cut off funding and any communication. That of course, Dorr-like even though he was not there, is not on record in any meeting minutes, etc., and the “board” later attacked Schneider when he asked to be repaid  the money he had personally spent in addition to the funding he got USC to restart.

For once, we do have pictures, of the building before and after and Gus Sanchez on the platform fixing the building, etc.


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