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The myth of gay affluence

Billy Glover

March 25, 2014.

Regarding the Atlantic article on the “Myth of Gay Affluence”:

I doubt that anyone else will “get” what this article says abut the view of homosexuality. It is not about income of LGBT people, but it is about what we did NOT have when this movement started—academics studying and giving support to us, no matter on what aspect.

It seems every week the Williams Institute is quoted as reliable voices on our issues.  Ask how many academics were speaking in the 1950s and ’60s.  But the few that did were were not believed by most self-hating homosexuals — who were still accepting the lies that said they were no good — they were criminals, sick and sinful.  They just could not believe the results of the research of Dr. Evelyn Hooker, who proved that “experts” could not tell, based on tests, who was and was not homosexual.

The media didn’t cover the issues much, and if they did they quoted the bigots like Edmund Bergler, Irving Bieber, et al., vice squad officers and charlatan preachers, all of whom had a personal interest, in keeping the status quo, something to gain if we were kept as people to arrest, cure, and save.

If ONE magazine writers said something positive about homosexuality, even our readers were skeptical — saying we were biased — as if the bigots were not. But if we got an “expert” to say the same thing, many would believe it — although some still could not believe that an “objective,” “normal” person would say homosexuality was okay, or that we had civil rights. And that included even the liberals at the ACLU.

The fact is that we are consumers, and we should be loyal to the businesses that treat us most fairly. And most of the people in our community I know do travel, buy cars, eat well, and even go to Disneyland, with or without children.

So we do not only have sleazy, high-priced gay bars to accept us now. Why is that a problem? And we can — not to say we do — vote and support politicians who join our efforts to get and keep equal/civil rights. It is common sense.

And, we now have more biological family members, neighbors, and friends who will also vote for those who are gay friendly, and they will join us in eating at the cafes we feel comfortable in.

That is why so many people no longer support most churches: They don’t like preachers and members who preach and practice hate.


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