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Predictable but fun, it’s a “queer kind of death…”

A Queer Kind of Death

by George Baxt

Published by Simon and Schuster
An Inner Sanctum Mystery

Published 1966
Fiction (mystery)
249 pgs. • Find on Amazon.comWorldCat

Reviewed by Bob Mitchell

July 6, 1966.

A QUEER KIND OF DEATH by George Baxt, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1966, 249 pp., $3.95.

To mystery cats who cool to the revealing title of this latest Inner Sanctum, by all means, get it and spend a titillating evening guessing whodunit. You may recognize some of your dearest friends among the suspects. Even if you spot the murderer, you’re in for a fiendishly lush surprise at the end.

First published in Tangents, July 1966.
©1966, 2018 by The Tangent Group. All rights reserved.

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