Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

RE: Putin says gays at Olympics must ‘leave children alone’

Billy GloverJanuary 17, 2004.

Regarding the article from France 24, Putin Says Gays at Olympics Must ‘Leave Children Alone’”

There are several things we need to say to Putin, the anti-abortionists, the religious sexual hypocrites/bigots:

Hopefully, most people would agree with you that adults should not use children sexually.  Saying that is an easy way for politicians to get support, like saying they support mom and apple pie.

But, locally, in one small area of the world, there is a report of a parent who has killed their child, starved their child, let a friend abuse the child—not sexually—every month, so I want to know why you do not say to visitors, don’t harm or kill children?

It is easy to say leave children alone. But that is not what children need — they need support. Many parents, not just single parents, work to support the child and need family and neighbors supporting them. That is why the Boy Scouts, church camps, day care and other such resources are good for society as well as the parent.

So, what are you doing to give these parents support, as a person, a citizen, the head of a nation, as a “religious” person?


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