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Don Slater to Billy Glover, 12-03-90

Slater1December 3, 1990

Dear Billy:

Yes. I wrote some time ago that Stuart Timmons’ book about Harry, The Trouble With Harry Hay, had been published by Alyson.

We got two review copies: one from Alyson via Timmons and one from Dale Jennings who had been given a copy by Timmons here in the house when I had them over to meet.

Martin [Block], of course, is keeping the review copy we have given him, but I haven’t seen the review yet.

The book in my opinion is quite good. But unfortunately loaded with unimportant errors—all the result of Timmons’ relying almost exclusively on Kepner for his peripheral information. He had interviewed me a couple of times, but always for confirmation of what others had told him. I explained that I wasn’t going to second-guess, Jim or anyone else. If he wanted information about me or you, or the work we did, etc., I would have talked more to him.

For instance, although it is not bad, most of the small bit about our break-up with ONE came from either Bill [W. Dorr Legg?] or Jim [Kepner]—or maybe both. And I said, okay, if those are your sources let it be.

Everybody is mentioned including Tony (incorrectly), me (incorrectly), no mention of our Committee to Fight Exclusion of Homosexuals from the Armed Forces, at least by name (which is strange considering that Harry was our head), no mention of you, and Dale wants to sue because he feels he’s been misrepresented. He has even consulted Herb Selwyn.

But I say a suit would be the best thing that could happen to the book; I say this even thought I am basically in favor of it. I can assure you, it was not easy for Stuart to deal with a living Harry Hay and all of the rest of the prima donnas still living. With all its errors, the book is the best thing yet, and it should be allowed to die it own death; it doesn’t need to be prodded.

My fight at the moment is trying to get a review copy of the new biography of Troy Perry. Jim and everyone else has it, but Troy sent me a formal note saying I would have to contact St. Martin’s Press if I wanted a copy. The whole tone of the note was distant. I want Chas. to review it in the same issue of the newsletter with Martin’s review of Harry, but I have a feeling that Troy may be afraid Charles [Lucas] will trash it since he ghosted the first biography as you know, and is not too happy with Troy who refused to give him any royalty.

I will be writing to Karyn Schacter. But I can’t imagine a high school student is doing any serious “research,” as you call it.  She’s probably doing a school paper that’s all.

You are wrong about Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund. They send us things all the time, and always addressed to you. In fact, a lot of material coming to the box is in your name, so it is likely that some directory or other lists us there with you as secretary. This is fine except large packages I can’t get if I go on Sundays, and United Parcel will not deliver to a PO Box so some things get sent back, I imagine because I never get them even when I phone and ask that they be forwarded to the house.

Yes, we get the Gay & Les. Hist. Co. Newsletter from SF. But I like the old cumbersome name better than the new one, and I haven’t seen your letter. However, I’m glad you are getting printed because despite the length of time you’ve been in the movement, you’re still generally unknown.

Don Slater


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