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Don Slater to Dale Jennings, 11-27-1990

November 27, 1990

Dear Dale:

DaleDancingBDaleDancingAThose photographs of an elfin-like you dancing and prancing in your patio must have been taken when you were with Lester Horton.

Nice portrayals of a little-known side of you.

Were you acquainted with our good friend Alvin Ailey? He went from the Horton dancers to become quite famous in New York, where he died last year.

Tony and I knew him from our days in Pershing Square. Wonderful meeting place that. I could name a few others who did well from there.

DaleDancingDDaleDancingCEarly experiences are one of the reasons I feel so discouraged when I read something like the article you gave me entitled “Sexual Scars.”

Bullshit! Thank God I was a consenting minor. I really believe from those first experiences to today that the more sex you have the more beautiful you become…

By-the-way, the photo-copy you gave was dated but not identified.

For years if you recall homosexual activity was “the crime against nature.” In some states it was even referred to as “the unmentionable crime against nature.” A smart attorney once had the charges dropped against his client by pointing out that since the crime was unmentionable the client had no way of knowing what it was. The law was voided as unconstitutionally vague.

I hope the jacket, hat and wooden box did the job. Take it easy.



This letter is personal correspondence between Don Slater and Dale Jennings. These comments are presented for historic and rhetorical purposes only.
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