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Know anybody who saw Stonewall this weekend? Not likely.

Billy GloverSeptember 30, 2015. 

I think it is important to ask why the — is it a “film” or just a movie? — is failing.

I do not know that the film is not accurate — I do not trust the organized effort to claim others deserved the credit. 

But, even if the pc “gays” of color, etc, are right, I do not believe they deserve credit for its failure.  I doubt seriously, sad to say, that many LGBT people have read our media and the “issues” that would make them not go to the theater. But serious people would at least try to find out why it has such opposition.

Don Slater, years ago when there was some effort to get people to boycott a movie, worried that it would backfire and get people aware of the movie and give it publicity it didn’t deserve.  I am not sure how it worked out.  He also said it is a question of freedom of the press, etc.

 And, what if bigots were trying to stop/boycott a pro-gay film made or shown?

Those behind this effort deserve credit if they are sincere and not just “self-promoting” or pushing an agenda to use this movie as an avenue to give everyone in the lgbtgqi, etc., community equal coverage.

Stonewall postedI certainly doubt that non-LGBT people have even heard of the movie, and I have seen a some evidence that even young LGBT people are not that aware of Stonewall.

I also doubt that the minority of people who follow filmography and read every bit of news of new movies and go to the TCM conventions are that numerous enough to make or break a film. It, again, seems to me more people know what the Kardashians et al. do and think than what the film people at USC or UCLA are saying and think.

As our movement/community grows this will be an important discussion to have.  Who speaks for us? No one. A glance at Gayellow Pages shows how diverse we are and there is no elected person or organization to tell the world, or us, what to think and what term is the only one allowed, etc.

While I think a responsible community media will give us their thinking on issues, and that of many of us, to share, they must give us news and then we can judge for ourselves.

AND, where are those who claim to be covering this part of our community — the LGBT film festival people — OUTFEST, etc?

Of note:

Mark Segal’s op-ed, “Both Stonewall and Stonewall Deserve Your Attention,” published in The Advocate on Aug. 14

Daniel Reynold’s article “Defense of Stonewall” in The Advocate, Sept. 25

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