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Table of Known Pseudonyms

Pre-Gay L.A.: A Social History of the Movement for Homosexual Rights

Known Pseudonyms of Homophile-Era Activists and Authors

by C. Todd White, Ph.D.

Compiled through research for Pre-Gay L.A.

From the first days of the clandestine Mattachine Foundation through the mid 1960s, many homophile-era activists wrote under pseudonyms.

While this was in part for protection, it also served to magnify their apparent numbers, especially in the early editions of ONE magazine.

Some of the magazine’s first contributors, such as Dale Jennings, wrote some of their most incendiary commentary under a nom-de-plume in order to ignite and inspire controversy. This proved problematic when some men, most notably Bill Lambert (aka W. Dorr Legg) wrote under a woman’s name (see the resignation letter of Stella Rush). The ensuing controversy drove a wedge between the men and women of ONE from which the organization would never recover.

Some of the brave pioneers of the movement, such as ONE’s longstanding editor Don Slater, published under their real names from the start. Ironically, when Joseph Hansen began writing for ONE in the 1960s, Slater refused to let him use his real name; thus James Colton was born.

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Pen Names and Aliases

Real Name Pseudonym
?, Marylin Hunter, Alison
?, Nancy Hunter, Alison
Aldrich, Ann Packer, Vin
Bernard, Fritz (Dr.) Servatius, Victor
Berquist, Roy Berlinson, Rolf
Bird, Merton L. Byrd, M.
Bird, Merton L. Rousseau, Guy
Boyfrank, Monwell Boy Frank, Manuel
Corbin, Joan Elloree, Eve
Coron, Gregory Carr, Gregory
de Crayencour, Marguerite Yourcenar, Marguerite
Eyde, Edythe Ben, Lisa
Frisbie, Fred Mortenson, George
Fugaté, James Barr, James
Gibson, Jack Colfax, Jack
Glover, William E. (Billy) McIntire, W. E. G.
Grier, Barbara Damon, Gene
Hansen, Jane Race, Jane
Hansen, Joseph Colton, James
Hay, Henry (Harry) MacDonald, Eann
Horvath, Alice Hunter, Alison
Ingersoll, Ross Martin, Marcel
Jennings, Dale Winters, Jeff
Jennings, Dale Noone, R.
Jennings, Dale Lalo, Elizabeth
Jennings, Dale K., Heironymus
Jung, Rudolf Alexander Burkhardt, Rudolf von
Kepner, James McIntyre, Dal
Kepner, James Golovitz, Frank
Kepner, James Arnold, Jane
Kepner, James Arnold, John
Kepner, James Pederson, Lyn
Lambert, William (Dorr Legg) Hunter, Alison
Lambert, William (Dorr Legg) Lane, Wendy
Lambert, William (Dorr Legg) Conger, Richard
Lambert, William (Dorr Legg) Cutler, Marvin
Lambert, William (Dorr Legg) Barnes, Hollister
Marchant, Anyda Aldridge, Sarah
Maxey, Wallace de Ortega David, Wallace
McNeal, “Mac” Neal, K. O.
Meaker, Marijane Packer, Vin
Meaker, Marijane Aldrich, Ann
Newton, Robert (Bob) Earl, Robert
Onthank, Wilna "Willi" Frederic, Dawn
Perdue, Betty Jackson, Geraldine
Peters, Arthur A. Peters, Fritz
Pincherlo, Alberto Morovia, Alberto
Routsong, Alma Miller, Isabel
Rowland, Chuck Freeman, David L.
Rowland, Chuck Fry, Don
Rush, Stella Radick, Ellis
Rush, Stella Russell, Sten
Sagarin, Edward Cory, Donald Webster
Samson, Chuck (Chet) Thompson, Chuck
Sandoz, Helen Sanders, Helen
Sandoz, Helen Cat, Ben
Slater, Don Colfax, Leslie
Slater, Don James, Gregory
Slater, Don McIntire, Dal
Steinert, Rudolph (Rudi) Stewart, Rudy H.
Tate, Velma (born Velma Young) Davenport, Francine
Tate, Velma (born Velma Young) Taylor, Valerie
Thompson, Merritt M. Merritt, Thomas M.
Vest, D. B. Heard, Gerald
Vidal, Gore Box, Edgar
Weaver, Joe Aaron, Joe
Weldy, Ann Bannon, Ann
Werres, Johannes Argo, Jack
Wolf, Irma “Corky” Reid, Ann Carll


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