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Thanksgiving Gratitude

Billy GloverNovember 28, 2013.

As I hear of those celebrating Thanksgiving, I go into my non-conformist thinking.

I have most of my life not celebrated holidays. But as I think of being thankful, what worries me is that I might be “thankful” for reasons others cannot be thankful for—reasonably good health, a home, food, friends, that my geographical area has not had a tornado, etc.

So as I am thankful that friends helped me fix a housing problem, a car problem, will feed me tomorrow, and that—thanks to Medicare—I am reasonably healthy and get cheap medicine. I know others live in constant pain, barely have enough income to pay the rent, much less the electric or gas bill in cold weather times. So how do I say I am thankful? I have no resources to help others. I can only say the silly phrase: I feel their pain.

And act as a good citizen and try to know what our government is doing and vote for those who will do what I think is best. And do what I can for the cause I feel is most important to me, even though there are so many other causes I want to support too. And think of how those friends and coworkers that are no longer with us would be thankful that our nation is better today than in the past, and hopefully will continue to get even better, for everyone.


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