Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

Comments on two recent publications

Billy GloverSeptember 19, 2008.

I glanced at movement publications at the book store (B&N) and two had articles of interest.

OUT has an article, if I understand it, on a visit now to a bar where Mattachine New York had a sit-in about 1967 that changed the legal rules for bars, before Stonewall. As part of the article there is a picture of the original group, and some of them were talked to about this event, and pictures of the cover of Mattachine Review and Mattachine Midwest. (Ironic that none from a New York publication.) A positive coverage of our history.

A false coverage is in the large, glossy English publication, Refresh Magazine, and is a travel article on Philadelphia and PA (such as New Hope).

The problem is that no part of the community/movement is covered except Equality Forum — not the Philadelphia Gay News, the local LGBT center, etc.

But what is truly unforgivable is that either Equality Forum claimed, or the writer is incompetent in his “research” as he reports, that the gay civil rights movement started in Philadelphia in 1965.

How can anyone believe this? Unless they also believe Gov. Palin when she says she said no thanks to that bridge to nowhere, when on tape she is shown asking for it, as she asked for earmarks galore as she makes Alaska a welfare state for American taxpayers.


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