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Note to Jon Stewart: your question of where the media went to get reaction to the California Court’s marriage decision

Billy GloverAugust 6, 2010.

Dear Jon Stewart:

Thanks for the good coverage of the CA marriage decision.

At first I laughed at your “question” of the media (was it CNN) going to a gay bar in West Hollywood to get a “gay” reaction — since obviously someone at a gay place would think it was a good decision. I thought, ah ha! Another example of the lazy media people. But I also thought it was a waste of time to have gone to any LGBTG center, or publication, as the people there would also obviously know of the decision and like it.

Sadly, as in any group or minority, a lot of people really do nothing for a cause and often don’t even know what is happening — many don’t read newspapers or watch TV news.

So, in a sense, the best place to go to see if LGBT people really know and care about the court’s decision would be where they go for entertainment and pleasure and not a place where serious thinking and work for a cause takes place — such as at an LGBT newspaper, or gay/lesbian center, or a PFLAG meeting.

If the movement for civil /equal rights for homosexuals is to continue and make progress, a lot of young people must get involved. If they want to continue to have the pleasure of a safe gay bar, they must work to keep it safe, and that means giving time, energy, and money to their cause.


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