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A different voice/view on our world and thoughts on war, religion, and women

Billy Glover

January 28, 2003.

I want to let everyone know about an article in the current issue of American Heritage magazine (54:1) that is important, even though it is not directly connected to issues of homosexuality.

The article is the cover story (“The Shah Always Falls,” by Fredric Smoler) which is an interview, by Frederic Smoler, with Ralph Peters, a soldier-historian.

The thoughts cover the issues of war, religion, women’s advances in our world, etc. And I have never seen such a view anywhere else. And indirectly I think if people understand the views of this man, they will better understand such issues as civil rights, etc., even in a time of war.

And it is refreshing to hear a view that does not answer all questions with accusations and blame against either President Bush and his “intelligence” or lack thereof — or President Clinton and his sex life.

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