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DSM discussed on C-SPAN…

Billy Glover…based on The Book of Woe, by Gary Greenberg

July 14, 2013.

I was impressed with what the author, Gary Greenberg, said about the psychiatrists’ bible, the DSM, as he writes about in Book of Woe.

As was charged by bigots, and thanks to work of many in our movement/community, the APA had dropped homosexuality as a mental disorder—as I understand it—and they charge that it is and was dropped by politics. But of course that was how it got listed. And he said the same thing happened with…I think it was Aspergers Syndrome(?) It was adopted and became sort of an identity by some people, and they were angry when it was later dropped—they were cured overnight. They had used it, as had the therapists and pharmaceutical companies. They had almost become part of a community.

Equally interesting is his thought that the DSM’s main use—even by those who don’t believe it is good—is so they can list something and charge for the services of the therapist. But they use ruse terms as most therapists do not want to say a patient is mentally ill as it will harm his life, work, etc.

Greenberg says we need to stop trying to excuse/explain criminals by calling them mentally ill when they are simply evil.  And the only “growing” psychiatric segment are/is children, and it is a mistake to put them on medication in most cases. He tried a pill prescribed for his son, and it made even him ill. The son is grown now and did ok without it.


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