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Remembering Coretta Scott King, by Lee Mentley

MentlyFBmugJuly 14, 2013.

In my last conversation with Coretta Scott King, she told me that all of her husband’s worst fears had come true in Florida when the people did not take to the streets the night they stole the election from Al Gore.

I can’t help but wonder what she would say now that a Florida jury of six women have said it is okay to kill Treyvon Martin thus all of our children…? I wonder what she would say about the a War on Women, War on Workers Rights,War on the Unemployed, War on Renters, War on the Poor, War on Immigrants, War on Education, War on Science, War on The Bill of Rights, War on Veterans, War on the Environment, War on Voting Rights & the Democratic Process, that food is being taken away from the poor, and that there are Endless Wars across the globe by a Black President…?

What would she say to a President who has ordered spying not only on our enemies but all U.S. Citizens…and indeed killing innocent civilians around the world with drones from his perch in the White House?

So many people have told me they are too busy for politics, to busy to pick up a phone or write a letter, or go to a demonstration…that there is nothing they can do but hold good thoughts because they have their own life to live…? Last night all of your children were placed in the crosshairs…!

Do you have the time now or are we already over it…?

What we need is a Bastille Day…!


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  1. Billy Glover

    While I agree in a sense with what you say/attribute in the second paragraph, I disagree with all you say in the third one.

    I do think it would be worthwhile to learn why the jury found him innocent-whch he is obviously not. He followed Martin when told not to-what part of that did the 6 women NOT understand. All else was irrelevant, just theatrics, which they fell for I guess.

    So why is our cause winning? Even with so many, as you say, NOT voting, not working for their own rights? But apparently most black Americans, especially religious ones, do NOT support our cause. Or even their own. The next election will start the answer-if minorities do not vote in their numbers, especially Hispanics, they will continue to suffer till more us in my age group die. But then we seem to have young bigots-such as Cruz of TX, etc. How do we explain him?

    And who would bear the responsibility if Republicans win the next elections and appoint the next Supreme Court judges?

    And here’s a good question for law students, which I hear today on C-SPAN; does the Constitution say there is a Chief judge, specifically-it does not BUT implies one later by saying “he” would be in charge of impeachment or something. Sort of like not saying slavery exists, but then Allowing for 3/5 humans in counting votes, etc. But then activist judges seem to have messages from on high about what the “original intent is/was.

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