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Changes at Rutgers after the suicide of Tyler Clementi

Billy GloverSeptember 26, 2012.

Regarding the recent article in the New York Times:

Thanks for this long discussion, “Since Suicide, More Resources for Transgender and Gay Students,” on how Rutgers has changed since the suicide.

What comes to mind is the current problem with the high cost of college and (like the Chick-fil-A issue) how perhaps young people should start picking a college/university on not only how good they are academically but how comfortable students are. You can’t learn if you are in fear of your mind or body.

Let’s have colleges change their policies to make LGBT people welcome.  What a concept—free enterprise/capitalism!?!


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  1. Billy Glover

    Good. I think we all agree that this is an educational moment. I had seen the mention of your list several places but had not looked up the total list. I think you are doing a great work. Best wishes–luck is only good if you are able to do the work, and you are.

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