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Chris & Don, reviewed by Paul Harris

Chris & DonChris & Don. A Love Story

Directed by Tina Mascara and Guido Santi

Premiered August 31, 2007, at the Telluride Film Festival
Asphalt Stars Productions

Review by Paul Harris

Submitted November 13, 2007

On Sunday I managed to get a last-minute ticket, after standing in the rush line, for the bio-documentary: Chris and Don: A Love Story.

It was about 90 minutes long, and it was wonderful. The archival footage footage, especially of Don Bachardy, Isherwood’s long-time artist lover, was unbelievable. Bachardy was really cute as an 18 year old, and there was plenty of footage of him at that age and later, of course.

Furthermore, Bachardy is still alive and was at the screening, happily fielding questions from the audience.

One misleading thing was the film credits at the end. They gave a “cast of characters” listing, which misled some to believe that actors were portraying Bachardy when he was young. Not true. They explained that this only applied to a few spots necessary in assembling the film, and that most of it was genuine archival footage.

You should definitely see this when it comes to a general release.


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  1. Billy Glover

    I’m glad you got to see it. I have not heard of it, and it sounds good. I haven’t said this as I have forgotten it, but I posed nude for a man I think was a friend of someone we knew and I can’t remember the name, but I think it was a simple name like Jim Jones. I don’t think it was someone from Isherwood but could have been someone who knew Gerald Heard. I also tried to be friends with a member from New Zealand, but just couldn’t get interested — he would visit once a year and did take me to Trader Vics, etc. I would like to see the files and see if I can spot his name.

    I will send this to AJ and even Jeannie to show that I did try to be gay in my earlier years. But the remaining evidence of me is the picture on the 1964 issue of ONE with Melvin and me walking on the sidewalk, up the hill from Echo Park. We had an earlier picture cover showing us from behind. This was from the front and was supposed to be an indication that we were getting freer and could have pictures of ourselves. I’m not sure if anyone else had appeared on the cover of a homosexual magazine — I know we did a picture of Jim Kepner mowing and Tony and of course Destiny.

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