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Why do gays have more faith in America today than the right-wingers?

Billy GloverDecember 27, 2009.

I have been listening to C-SPAN2 book reviews over the holidays, and one finally got to me.

I heard the views of George Nash and his discussion of his book, Reappraising the Right.

I could not believe my ears when what he seemed to say is that right-wingers should start doing the very things, tactics, that the movement for homosexual equal/civil rights have done starting in 1950 (ironically when he thinks the conservative movement started) and that it has lost some of its original thinkers and needs to restart.

It is strange to hear him think that programs on NPR and what I consider liberal media should be copied by the right-wingers/conservatives. I of course never listen to these sources, don’t consider them as having helped our cause, and think most Americans feel the same way.

This is part of the bigger issue, a generic one that has been around probably since the nation’s founding.

But if we are to believe the polls and the media, most Americans now not only don’t like how things are going and are doubting President Obama but think things were better in the past, presumably even under the last administration.

How queer that most homosexual Americans think that things keep getting better and our nation has never been more like what the founders envisioned! We have more faith in our system than the right-wingers do.

We have reasons, as do most Black Americans and most female Americans. And most Hispanic Americans. I hope soon that will be true of most Native Americans, who still have not gotten promises fulfilled even from the Clinton administration era.

Each decade since 1959, our cause has made progress. Each generation, our community/movement has had a better life.

I wonder why other Americans can’t feel the same way? They lost no rights by slowly granting us ours. We got no special rights that made us happier, “gayer” than other Americans.

It is time that intelligent Americans stop whining and realize that our nation deserves credit for having gone further toward the America the founders sought — using the constitution and Bill of Rights and other guides they gave us.

The system works.

In a time of economic trouble, there has been no backlash against any minority — as might have been expected from those of us who grew up in the ’60s. The vast majority of Americans are loyal, support their government, and want it to succeed, even those who might not have voted for Barak Obama.

Our two-party system is not bad. Progress has been made under all administrations. We have reasons to celebrate, no matter which political party we support, or our religious beliefs, or our ethnicity.

Let’s welcome a new year in which to continue our work to make our nation even better.


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  1. Andrew

    Thank God I live in the UK, where we have equal rights, including that to a civil partnership, enshrined in law!

  2. Billy Glover

    That is why we need permanent laws, not just friendly politicians, who change. Best wishes for the new year. Did you know Antony Grey and the homosexual lw Reform society?

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