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The current Claremont Review of Books

Billy GloverDecember 30, 2009.

I was glancing at magazines in the book store and saw this, and even though from the past I know I don’t often agree with the Claremont Review’s views, I want to say that I found this coverage very interesting, as I assume was intended, since it covers American history, even indirectly (with such books as one of Islam).

Will Morrisey’s review of The Crisis of Islam, by Ali A. Allawi, is very good. It points out why most Americans insist on separation of church and state and, despite the attempt at apologizing for Islam, the fact remains that Islam says, “What is ours is ours, and what is yours is negotiable.” It says clearly that while someone can convert to Islam, no one can leave Islam.

I read such things from the view of a homosexual American, and that is why liberals have supported Bush, and now Obama, in their defense of America from Islamic extremists and insist that all Muslims must agree to accept America’s laws and not try to impose their religious beliefs, which say that religion and the state are one.

And that is why I still doubt the Christian Right, as covered in the review by Jon A. Shields of The Democratic Virtues of the Christian Right, by Jean Bethke Elshtain. Each book tries to explain what is unacceptable, and thus they both fail.

Then there is the very good discussion of the book Lincoln at Peoria. I wonder when books will discuss Lincoln’s sexuality? But I must say that I had not thought of the speech there as being that important, but it seems to have led to Gettysburg, and Lincoln’s view on slavery — which should be read by Judge Bork, whose book is total nonsense as even the reviewer seems to understand. His idea of original intent is, of course, nonsense.

But I was glad to see it said that the Constitution does not guarantee the right to marry. And the comment that he should understand that if you can’t add anything to the Constitution, you can’t deny what is there!

But the Review remains consistent on the last two items, on Obama, and having Dick Cheney as speaker.

But keep going, editors! You keep my blood going.


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