Friday, March 31st, 2023

Glenn Beck coverage of the young homosexual Iranian’s problem with Holland and England

Billy Glover

March 14, 2008.

I accidentally saw Glenn Beck’s CNN show last night, since I don’t like him.

He gave me another reason not to like him last night since he was stupid about a tape of a sermon by Obama’s preacher which happens to make a lot of sense if you have lived as a black man.

He made “life” complicated by next doing a segment on the young Iranian man they are trying to deport back to Iran — and his guest was a good Muslim lesbian who has written a book. They made the perfect point (he compared the young man to historic rejection of jews at the time of World War II by nations, and the ship had to take them back perhaps to their death) that dear England and Holland claim to be so liberal and gay-loving and here they are being so bureaucratic and stupid over this young man’s life.

I don’t have an email address for Glenn Beck, but he should be thanked on this point. I also wonder who brought the story to his attention and what other general media places and people have covered this issue that you have worked on.


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